Training of Trainers

The TOT workshop is specially designed for individuals who have some training background and who want to be able to transfer information and knowledge to others in a way that optimizes learning, absorption, reflection and subsequent application. This TOT will provide the participants with an essential toolkit of resources to impart effective and experiential training.

Participants will be able to learn key concepts of high impact communication, adult learning, facilitation tools and design a full training workshop session in their area of expertise. Participants will also receive multiple opportunities to present a part of their workshop session to receive feedback from their peers and instructors.

The TOT will be conducted by senior MDi trainers and will be run in a relaxed, interactive and non-judgmental manner in order for the participants to enjoy the process as well as gain maximum benefit from the program.


By the end of the TOT, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe characteristics, preferences, and expectations of adult learners
  • Identify various learning styles and implications for training
  • Get the attention of participants and introduce training sessions more effectively
  • Describe how to present training content effectively
  • Create and use visual aids that support impactful training
  • Demonstrate new and effective facilitation skills, behaviors and techniques
  • Demonstrate how to ask and answer questions appropriately
  • Follow guidelines for giving and receiving proper feedback
  • Describe how to manage difficult situations during the training
  • Conduct a short (5-7 minutes) practice training session
  • Conduct a long (15-20 minutes) practice training session