Social Media Marketing

This intensive two-day course on Social Media Marketing is ideal for individuals and businesses who are in pursuit of establishing their presence in online social media marketing networks. The program is helpful for any type of business. Professionals who can benefit from this program include freelance digital marketing aspirants, small business owners, and corporate employees who use social media in the workplace.

The training program aims to be diverse to cover all aspects of mainstream social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. The participants will be provided practical learning on how to devise and implement strategies to connect with and reach more customers on popular social media networks.


Introduction to social media marketing

Detailed orientation of popular social media platforms

Creating professional pages and business profiles on social networks

How to market yourself or your business using social media platforms

Creating and posting engaging content according to the network

Fundamentals of social media advertising

Create interesting and engaging content

Creating and managing advertisements

Tools to create effective social media ads

Targeting customers and generating leads

Customer interaction, acquisition and retention

Integrating social media platforms

Measuring performance and success of the social media strategy

Improving Your Selling Skills

This 2-day workshop has been designed to enable participants to understand face-to-face selling and building customer relationships. The program employs extensive activities such as group discussions, case studies, role-playing, and games and is particularly helpful for those selling complex or high end products and/or services which require the seller to serve as a consultant.


Consultative selling
What is it? Why do you need it? conventional selling vs. consultative selling, consultative selling principles and cycle

Getting your customer’s attention
Preparing to sell, Identifying prospective customers, approaching prospective customers

Arousing your customer’s interest
Customer’s three stages of needs, moving the customer up to the highest stage of needs, changing customer’s existing vision

Creating a desire to buy
Exploring options, creating a desire to buy

Negotiating and dealing with objections
LAPACT objection handling tool

Closing the deal
Closing techniques, common types of objections and how to deal with, close an unsuccessful sale

Checking customer satisfaction
Why do we need to check this? Some methods to follow-up