Certified Lean Six Sigma

CSSC-USA Accredited Certification Course offered by
MDi Pakistan in collaboration with Opex Consulting

More companies are becoming aware of the importance of improvement, quality and savings. Six Sigma is quickly gaining popularity in the different industries, due to the breakthrough of improvements and cost reduction it provides. Whether your organization is large or small, whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit, whether it manufactures a product or provides a service to its customers, it can benefit tremendously from the tools and techniques of Six Sigma.


  • The Fundamentals of Quality and Six Sigma Approaches.
  • Team Management, Project Selection and Launching Projects
  • Turning Voice of the Customer to Critical Customer Requirements (CCR’s) – Affinity diagram, Kano Model
  • As-Is Process Mapping, SIPOC Analysis
  • Measurement Planning and Data collection, Sampling
  • Descriptive Statistics, Pareto Analysis, Histogram, Process Capability and Measurement System Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis and Validation (Cause and Effect Diagram, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Interval, Correlation and Regression Analysis.)
  • Improve & Control Phase Tools (5S, Kaizen, Design of Experiment, SPC etc.)

Inventory and Warehouse Management

Managing a world-class warehouse is now recognized as a potentially major source of competitive advantage. To achieve this competitive advantage, it is important to choose the right type of operation, processes and equipment, and then understand and continuously improve performance through appropriate measures and controls. This 2-day course will provide the participants with techniques/methods on how to use space, material handling, labor and equipment for efficiency and improved delivery times.


  • Warehousing Meaning & Definition
  • Learn KEY Roles and Responsibilities of Warehouse Professionals
  • Characteristic of Ideal Warehouse
  • Types of Warehouses
  • SEVEN Warehouse Management Control
    • Receiving Control
    • Warehouse Control
    • Issuing Control (FIFO/LIFO)
    • Material Handling Control
    • Data Control
    • Inventory Control
    • Space & Safety Control
  • Wave picking, batch picking, zone picking
  • Advanced shipment notification
  • Cycle counting
  • Cross docking
  • Pick to carton
  • Slotting

Supply Chain Management

Organizations have recognized for sometime now that effective Supply Chain Management is a real source of competitive advantage and a driver of organization profitability and efficiency. This 2-day program is intended to provide supply chain and logistics managers with an understanding of best practice in this area, and knowledge of how smart organizations around the world and here in Pakistan are using state-of-the-art thinking to produce real change and smarter processes


The set of topics proposed is modeled along state of the art supply chain thinking:

-Developing a Supply Chain Vision to gain Competitive Advantage
-Realization of your Supply Chain and Market Dynamics
-Global Industrial Trends and Supply Chain Strategy
-Three Dimensional Integration (Vertical, Virtual, and Horizontal integration)
-Deciding Push-Pull Production/Distribution Boundaries
-Postponement, Aggregation, and Risk pooling
-Incentive Alignment in the Supply Chain
-Documentation of the Current Process
-Target setting for Measurable Goals
-Supply Chain Repositioning
-Value Stream Mapping in Supply Chain
-Magic of F2B (Front to Back) Communication
-Innovative Methods of Improving Cashflow, Transit Time, Inventory, and Material Cost
-Eight Step Process of Developing an Efficient System
-The Lean Ladder, Process from Design thru Execution
-Organization Development for Competitive Advantage
-Change Management (Execution)
-Case Studies and Results