Skills for Success There are some rare individuals who have applied themselves over a long time (usually tens of years of practice) to acquire a particular skill and become a specialist – such as a world-class tennis player, a renowned public speaker. For many of us who have not had the good fortune of finding that one special area from an early age, there are other skills that are easier to acquire to achieve personal success. Here are the 4 skills for success that really matter…

The Ability to Present to a Group

The ability to present to a group confidently and without tension is a force multiplier. You get an opportunity to interact with and influence a group of people rather than just an individual. This ability to engage in a conversation with a group without making a speech is a skill that can set you apart.

The Ability to Win People Over

The ability to influence other people in a positive way, to be likable to almost everyone you meet is an absolutely key skill to acquire. Being authentic, being yourself, taking interest in other people, listening to others, being respectful  – all of these things make others like you and trust you.  You can’t fake it though because when you fake it, you will not be able to create rapport.

The Ability To Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing what you are good at, where you need help and being aware of your emotional state so you can manage it better enables you to harness your physical and emotional energy in a positive direction and away from unproductive, negative behavior.

The Ability To Learn

Finally, and perhaps the most important of the skills is the ability to learn. In fact, it is this ability that allows you to acquire a new skill in the first place. The ability to learn includes knowing where to look for information, converting information into ideas then action, accepting feedback, analyzing failures and then getting up and going again.

The ability to learn also requires courage. It requires going outside your comfort zone and beyond.