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9 Amazing Insights

amazing insightsSome insights are so impactful and compelling that they can create a real difference in the way you think and behave – even if this is only for a short span of time. So it is a really good practice to read powerful insights often. Here is a collection of 9 amazing insights…

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Self Learning – 4 Cardinal Principles

Self LearningIrrespective of your age, experience or profession, teaching yourself something new – self learning in other words – is a matter of taking responsibility for learning in your own hands. No one else really cares if you learn or not (with the possible exception of your parents) so it’s time to understand the four cardinal rules of self learning and applying these in everything from learning a new language to getting fit to learning a new sport…

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Self Development – The No. 1 Barrier

self developmentMost of us feel worried, fearful or downright stupid when doing something that extends us beyond our comfort zone. It’s not skill that holds us back. We are up against ourselves. The biggest barrier to self development is emotional. If we can get over the initial trauma of feeling incompetent and awkward, we can unlock the doors to a new and more successful reality…

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Skills for Success – The 4 That Really Matter

Skills for Success There are some rare individuals who have applied themselves over a long time (usually tens of years of practice) to acquire a particular skill and become a specialist – such as a world-class tennis player, a renowned public speaker. For many of us who have not had the good fortune of finding that one special area from an early age, there are other skills that are easier to acquire to achieve personal success. Here are the 4 skills for success that really matter…

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Triple Your Productivity

Triple Your ProductivityThere are literally hundreds of ways to improve your productivity. But if you are looking for a quantum difference where you can virtually triple your productivity, then it is necessary to use a 3-step approach. Using all 3 steps and using these simultaneously is what can produce the remarkable difference.

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Decision Making – The Human Element

This is an extract from a brilliant article on the blog of Deepak Chopra.

decision makingThe conventional wisdom – taught at business schools and in government – is that good decisions need more objectivity based on logic and data rather than subjectivity based on the human element. This however goes against the fact that all decisions are essentially human since we do not have any machines making these decisions for us. In fact, history has demonstrated that the greatest decisions always involved a mix of human genius, passion and determination…

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