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Successful Teams – The 2 Secrets

successful teamsThere are a lot of theories about what makes successful teams and we have a tendency to go far afield to look for answers that sometimes can be right under our noses. You will read stuff like successful teams communicate well with each other, the team members respect each other, the team has fun, etc.  While this may be true, this is  more about how a successful team behaves than what made the team a success in the first place.

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Well-Rounded Teams

This is a brief extract from an article by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie that is adapted from the book “Strengths Based Leadership”

Individuals don’t have to be well-rounded, but teams should be
Gallup research based on study of thousands of executive teams has indicated that while members of a team may have their own unique strengths, the best teams had an overall grouping of certain strengths. In fact, it seems there are 4 principal domains of strength (arising as an aggregate of unique strengths of team members) that seem to exist in successful teams…
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What Employees Want – Checklist of 15

What do employees really want from their management, from the organization they work for? We ask this question of hundreds of people we meet in training programs my organization conducts, in consultancy or organizational development work we do with organizations of all shades and sizes, across various industries and sectors whether for profit, government or not-for-profit. We get some key messages that show that irrespective of status, function, organization, industry, or circumstance, most employees have surprisingly common expectations…

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Employee Engagement

A summarized extract from a series of internet articles by Peter Grazier

Most managers find it not so hard to get proficient in technical aspects of their work, in operations and in processes. But they often struggle with people related matters such as interpersonal communication, handling conflict, motivation, resistance to change etc because this has never been part of the curriculum in most universities other than in superficial ways.

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Ground Rules for Successful Teams

A good way to ensure the formation of a successful team is to start off by asking the following 10 questions regarding basic ground rules:

How will we..

1-plan work assignments and schedules?
2-monitor and follow up?
3-keep each other fully informed?
4-give feedback?
5-recognize accomplishments?
6-organize and conduct meetings?
7-ensure that everyone participates?
8-make decisions?
9-resolve differences?
10-ensure we achieve desired results?

from MDi Pakistan’s directory of Practical Tools for Managers TM

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