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The Best Way to Learn Anything

learn anythingWhat might be the best way to learn new subjects and assess gaps in our current knowledge? Richard Feynman was an American quantum physicist and Nobel Laureate who is known to have formulated a way to learn anything under the sun. We refer to this technique as the Feynman Technique..

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Increase Your Productivity – 10 Ways

increase your productivityWho doesn’t want to increase productivity and add some more hours every day. But we get lost in our daily routine and stuck in our habits. When this happens, productivity starts to suffer and output starts to decline. Here are 10 ways to get back on track and increase your productivity substantially…

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Effective Presentations – The 3 Key Things to Remember

effective presentationsSo much has been written about how to present effectively in hundreds of books and articles that it becomes difficult sometime to put together a personal toolkit on how to deliver a presentation. How does one distill the vast body of knowledge about presentation skills into a set of simple rules that can help with every presentation you deliver in the future?

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The ART of Confrontation

art of confrontationOne of the facts about management that seems contrary to conventional wisdom is that most managers are really “nice” guys who do not like confronting their subordinates and holding them accountable. These managers consider this part of management to be a real hassle, something they would rather avoid. They believe this is an unnecessary evil and something they have to put up with as part of the heavy burden of management. Managers who think like this of course are never really going to be able to hold any one accountable. Then there is the mean-spirited manager who is completely task oriented, and who does not give a damn about people. Managers with some degree of balance between their concern for people and concern for holding the same people accountable for their performance are unfortunately a bit of a rarity.

So how does a manager strike a balance and make the process of confronting subordinates about their behavior or performance a bit easier and less stressful for both parties?..

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Customer Experience – 5 Insights from Zappos

customer experienceBased on numerous web articles about Zappos

Online retailer Zappos is at a different level from everyone else when it comes to providing a positive customer experience. A long time ago, Zappos decided that one of its fundamental core values would be to deliver a WOW through service…

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Critical Thinking – What Exactly Is It?

critical thinkingMost employers are now concerned with ensuring that staff and new recruits have critical thinking skills. One hears this term frequently yet when you ask managers to explain what they mean by critical thinking, you get a variety of answers ranging from “critical thinking skills are necessary for problem solving”  to some kind of vague ability to “evaluate information more objectively“.  In fact, problem solving skills derive from the ability to think critically so obviously critical thinking is a kind of aggregate or super-set  of several other skills…

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Emotional Intelligence – The 2 Main Parts

Based on an article by Daniel Goleman

emotional intelligenceDaniel Goleman, the “inventor” of the concept of Emotional Intelligence, says he once met a  CEO who complained that despite having MBAs from great universities, many of his managers were unable to perform and deliver. The explanation for this according to Daniel Goleman lies in the interplay between IQ and emotional intelligence. For high performance and leadership, you need both…

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