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Self Learning – 4 Cardinal Principles

Self LearningIrrespective of your age, experience or profession, teaching yourself something new – self learning in other words – is a matter of taking responsibility for learning in your own hands. No one else really cares if you learn or not (with the possible exception of your parents) so it’s time to understand the four cardinal rules of self learning and applying these in everything from learning a new language to getting fit to learning a new sport…

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9 Events of Instruction

9 Events of InstructionWay back in 1965, Robert Gagné, an American psychologist, formulated The Conditions of Learning. This paper suggested that certain conditions must be present in the learner for absorption and retention of knowledge to occur. He called these conditions the 9 Events of Instruction, based on the factors – both internal and external – that contribute to learning. The internal factors are the learner’s previous knowledge while the external factors include things like the methodology of instruction. You can use knowledge of the 9 Events of Instruction to design training that maximize learner engagement..

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Organizational Success – The Ultimate Secret

fun and recreationRead any book about organizational success – whether in a multinational or a small business – and the key to organizational success is related to something business-like: leadership, sales,  customer care, profitability, etc. Any reference to recreation and fun is almost always as an add-on. For example, a company retreat with balloons and treasure hunts once a year  or a sports day or  a company lunch once a quarter. HR managers lecture line managers on the need to have such events so their fun-starved staff can get a chance to “loosen up”. Yet staff engagement remains low….

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10 Most Valuable Blogs in 2015

10 Most Valuable Blogs in 2015If you are someone who likes to stay up to date with cutting edge insights and information about management, business, technology, workplace trends and personal effectiveness, then you need to add some must-read blogs to your regular reading list. Here is a list of what I consider to be 10 valuable blogs that provide great insights. The list is not in any particular order..

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