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Building a Strategy – 5 Key Questions

Based on an article in Harvard Business Review by Roger Martin

Strategy is sometimes made out to be much more complex than it actually is. This is usually because of too much focus on complex-sounding tools like environmental scans, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, financial modeling etc. Another issue seems to be that strategy is thought to be about some conceptual and deep into the future stuff.  Building a strategy does not have to be a complex approach. We can simplify strategy by thinking of it as a set of answers to 5 interlinked questions in a specific sequence…

building a strategy

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The Power of Catalytic Mechanisms

In an article published in the Harvard Business Review in July/August 1999, the leadership guru and the author of the best-selling book Good to Great, Jim Collins, wrote about something he termed as catalytic mechanisms.  Catalytic mechanisms are mechanisms used in organizations to create a compelling alignment between a business and its strategy to differentiate itself.  

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How To Craft A Mission Statement

An organization’s mission statement outlines the core purpose or reason for its’s existence. Peter Drucker, often called the father of modern management, said a mission is the primary tool to guide in creating strategies or making short-term decisions. The mission statement conveys information about an organization’s products, services, customers, markets and values to all of its stakeholders. Here is a technique for crafting an effective mission statement for your organization…

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Long-Range Planning is (almost) Dead

long-range planningRemember the strategic planning process with you and a lot of other executives working furiously during an intense 3-day huddle to come out with a 5-year plan that would help the organization navigate through an uncertain future? Or you might recall the 40-page long business plan complete with spreadsheet projections for the next 30 months and pie-charts about the potential market share for your latest offering. If you are like many other people today, including former advocates of the strategic and business planning process, you are probably thinking it would have saved everyone a lot of pain if you could have just dumped those plans into the nearest dustbin the moment these were produced…

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The Future of Management

Future of ManagementBased on a web article entitled “The Future of Management is Teal”.

The way organizations are structured and run today is essentially outdated. Disillusionment and lack of engagement are commonplace and most people regard their work as filling in time and unexciting. Managers try different incentives from training to monetary rewards to company retreats without getting any lasting, positive outcome. So is a new kind of organization the answer?

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Business Strategy – Lessons from the Lean Startup

business strategyAsk CEO’s and senior management of large companies in any sector and it will become apparent that many of them – in fact the vast majority – are not satisfied that their strategic planning process is working.  There seems to be a belief that these processes are essentially a waste of time and distract the organization away from focusing on core issues. This belief incidentally is not just restricted to large organizations – it is an even bigger concern for not so large companies with limited resources….

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Dramatic Predictions for the Future

This article is an extract from the article by Thomas Frey, a well-known futurist

Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in all of human history.

Predicting the FutureBy 2030 the average person in the U.S. will have 4.5 packages a week delivered with flying drones. They will travel 40% of the time in a driverless car, use a 3D printer to print hyper-individualized meals, and will spend most of their leisure time on an activity that hasn’t been invented yet. The world will have seen over 2 billion jobs disappear, with most coming back in different forms in different industries, with over 50% structured as freelance projects rather than full-time jobs…

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