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Customer Experience Differentiation

customer experienceIn a McKinsey research survey of senior executives, 90 percent of respondents confirmed that customer experience is one of the organization’s top priorities. It’s a priority because the stakes are so high and competition is increasing. Enhanced customer expectations are forcing organizations while reducing cost and complexity for customers interacting with the organization. An interesting research insight is that every 10% increase in customer satisfaction can lead to a 2%-3% increase in revenue…

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Marketing Wisdom for 2014

Marketing StrategyIt is 2014 and times have changed, technology has changed and people have changed. In marketing, some things have changed for sure – and some ideas are as old as the hills but still relevant. For organizations planning their marketing for 2014 and beyond, here are some old and new words of wisdom extracted from quotations and articles and tweets by heavy-hitting marketing gurus…

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Compelling Marketing Messages

Compelling Marketing PropositionsAs organizations big and small ponder over their marketing strategy for 2014 and beyond, everyone can do with some inspiration on what strategies to follow, what mindset to adopt and how to do things differently when it comes to engaging prospects and customers. Thinking really hard about your target market and what proposition would add non-linear gains for your clients is what creates marketing differentiation…

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Questions That Customers Ask

Questions That Customers AskWhen you are writing a proposal to a client or presenting your offerings in front of a prospect, are you addressing the inevitable questions that customers ask -sometimes silent questions – ¬†as they read your proposal or listen to your pitch? If you are, you are doing what is called preemption, anticipating their concerns and possible objections and addressing them before these are voiced…

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