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5 Ways to Reduce Presentation Nervousness

presentation nervousnessIf you are someone who feels nervous before presentations, you are not alone. Presentation nervousness is very human and almost everyone with the exception of very experienced public speakers has a degree of anxiety before starting a presentation.  But it is also true than unless you manage your nervousness, your anxiety will take over and show. No audience will ever be impressed by a nervous presenter no matter how great your content is….

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Change How You React – Change The Outcomes

change how you reactMy older son who is about to turn 18 loves driving my car. Some weeks ago, we had gone out for dinner and as I was paying the bill, he asked if he could bring the car over from the car park as that would save me a long walk. I hesitated a bit because we were in a very crowded place with a lot of traffic around but I knew he wanted to drive so I said yes. 15 minutes passed and just as I was getting worried, he walked over to me, looking very sheepish, and said he had banged someone else’s car and the car driver was wanting to see me. I started to feel irritated at this unnecessary complication and was getting ready to give my son a lecture. Just then, the car driver whose car had been damaged came over with a broad smile and a warm handshake. The first thing he said to me was “It’s OK – don’t be tough on your son. Anyway, it’s just a small scratch.”  Now that was unexpected…

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Become an Amazing Communicator – 3 Secrets You Can Use Now

amazing communicatorNo matter who you are, where you work and what you do, it is possible to become an amazing communicator in a short period of time using three simple secrets. These are proven techniques that can significantly enhance the impact you have on others but it is important to a) remember to start using these techniques consciously and consistently and b) to use these in a particular sequence. Try these techniques and you will be blown away by the effect these have on your day to day interactions with people.

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Skills for Success – The 4 That Really Matter

Skills for Success There are some rare individuals who have applied themselves over a long time (usually tens of years of practice) to acquire a particular skill and become a specialist – such as a world-class tennis player, a renowned public speaker. For many of us who have not had the good fortune of finding that one special area from an early age, there are other skills that are easier to acquire to achieve personal success. Here are the 4 skills for success that really matter…

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The Power of Rephrasing

If you keep rephrasing the question, it gradually becomes the answer – Robert Brault

RephrasingBefore you can fix a problem or decide the course of action to take in solving a difficult issue, it helps to first of all spend some time defining what the problem is. It was after all Einstein who is known to have said “if I had one hour to save the world, I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution“…

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Giving Feedback – The Right Way

Giving FeedbackWhat happens in people’s brains when they receive feedback? It’s hard for human beings to feel they are wrong and it is even harder for them to hear that from others. There is a primal, psychological reason for this. Our brains view criticism as a threat to our survival. Because our brains are ready to protect us at all costs, they go out of their way to make sure we always feel like we’re in the right-even when we’re not…

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