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The Journey Begins: Creating a Memorable Brand Introduction with the Right Name

Article contributed by Grant Polachek

Launching a brand can be thrilling and essential to building a thriving business, but one key element in making that journey successful is creating an unforgettable brand introduction with the perfect name. A powerful name can leave lasting impressions, stir emotions, and shape consumer perception. This article explores their significance, effective startup strategies that leverage digital age influences, testing/evaluating procedures, and visual elements’ role in reinforcing brand name recognition.

Exploring Brand Name Power

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Asking the Right Questions

asking the right questions“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” ― Voltaire
Once you know  what kind of information you need and who to ask, you have to ask your questions the right way. The right way means the way that gets you the most valuable information possible. Here are some questioning techniques to get that valuable information out into the open…

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Negotiation Techniques – 10 Top Mistakes

negotiation techniquesAs an executive, a business manager or entrepreneur, one of the skills that determine your success is your ability to negotiate. Whether you are negotiating on price, on value, on which idea to implement or you are negotiating to reach a compromise on a difficult issue, it is easy to forget key principles of negotiation in the heat of the moment or in your desire to close the process.

Here are the top 10 mistakes that people make that you should avoid while negotiating:

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Is Your Message Compelling Enough?

Is Your Message Compelling Enough?This article is based on the work of an advertising executive called Maxwell Sackheim, a creative thinker who challenged every ad, every copy and message to ensure he would get the best results possible. Let’s say you are creating an ad or writing a message about a golf product to people who play golf. You cannot assume that just because the topic is of interest to them, they will read and act on your message. You have to provoke, to challenge, to compel the readers…

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The Carnegie Principle

The Carnegie PrincipleOne of the mood states that Dale Carnegie thought was particularly important in a presentation was enthusiasm. In one class he held in Philadelphia, a young insurance salesman named Frank Bettger was mumbling his way through an impromptu talk. Carnegie interrupted him and said “Mr. Bettger, are you interested in what you are saying?”. Mr. Bettger replied “Yes, of course I am.” Carnegie then responded by saying “Well then, why don’t you talk with a little enthusiasm? How do you expect your audience to be interested if you don’t put some life into what you are saying?”


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People Buy From You

Buy From YouPeople buy from you means they will only buy from you if they like you. This assessment of you comes before they buy what you have to offer: ideas, recommendations, products, services etc. Irrespective of the situation you are in – professional, business, social – you have to sell yourself to get to first base with anyone…

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