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Lean Six Sigma- Key Principles

Lean Six SigmaLean is about streamlining processes and Six Sigma is about reducing defects. The Lean Six Sigma methodology is therefore a way of accelerating Six Sigma by streamlining the process while reducing defects. Lean Six Sigma is applicable to all kinds of organizations including not-for-profit organizations and can produce remarkable benefits in productivity, revenue, profitability as well as customer satisfaction. Here are some¬†key principles of Lean Six Sigma…

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Lean Thinking Principles

Lean Thinking Lean thinking principles essentially consist of a five-step thought process proposed by Womack and Jones in 1996 to guide managers through a process of lean transformation. Lean thinking is equally applicable in manufacturing (enhancing quality and reducing waste), in entrepreneurial startups where being lean and thinking lean are essential for survival and in large enterprises that have grown to the point where they need to re-think processes and client interfaces. Here are the five principles…

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