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9 Amazing Insights

amazing insightsSome insights are so impactful and compelling that they can create a real difference in the way you think and behave – even if this is only for a short span of time. So it is a really good practice to read powerful insights often. Here is a collection of 9 amazing insights…

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Creativity and Innovation using SCAMPER

creativity and innovationThere are many creativity and innovation tools out there for deployment in the workplace but there is one tool – or rather a brainstorming technique – called SCAMPER that can help you to generate  a lot of ideas for development of new products/services and especially for innovating existing products/services…

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Building a Strategy – 5 Key Questions

Based on an article in Harvard Business Review by Roger Martin

building a strategyStrategy is sometimes made out to be much more complex than it actually is. This is usually because of too much focus on complex-sounding tools like environmental scans, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, financial modeling etc. Another issue seems to be that strategy is thought to be about some conceptual and deep into the future stuff.  Building a strategy does not have to be a complex approach. We can simplify strategy by thinking of it as a set of answers to 5 interlinked questions in a specific sequence…

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The Power of Imagination

power of imaginationEverything that man creates we imagine first. Only human beings have this amazing ability and gift of imagination. It is a way of applying some of our energy to think about what might be possible beyond our current reality. The power of imagination is that the more we imagine, the more creative we become..

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Flow State – Triggers for Getting into the Zone

Flow StateThe state where you get a sense of optimum performance, everything is going according to plan and you just go from one win or success to another is often called the Zone or the Flow State. The Flow State is when a sportsman is in supreme form or a stockbroker keeps getting one winning trade after another. It is one of those states that comes and then disappears and it is hard to figure out how to get back into that state. Based on research by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, it is now possible to switch on the Flow State by understanding the triggers that create the heightened focus required…

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Learning Organization – 2 Key Strategies to Build One

Learning OrganizationCorporate training has changed tremendously and organizations that still adhere to the old way of providing learning opportunities to their employees risk spending a lot of money without a commensurate gain. Cultural and technological changes suggest there are 2 key strategies in contemporary organizations that can help to build a learning organization…

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Taking Action – The Key to Change Things

taking actionBased on a web article by Scott Young

For most of us – other than the 2% of people who are really successful at what they do – there is a big challenge we face every day. We like to dream about what we want to become or what we want to have in the future but we can’t seem to take action. We have ideas but we can’t execute. As a human species, we are essentially lazy – we seek reward without working for it. So what is the solution? How does one get better at following up by taking action?…

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