There are a number of facts about the human brain – our mind – that are not well-known. There are also a number of myths that have been around for a long time and need to be dispelled. Here are some mind facts based on research from neuroscience that can help managers to appreciate how the brain actually works and to use this knowledge to advantage for personal and organizational development.

Mind Facts

1. The typical brain is only 2% of a body’s weight but uses 20% of its total energy and oxygen intake. Adequate nutrition and exercise is essential for brain maintenance.

2. The brain is 73% water. Even a slight amount of dehydration (as little as 1%-2%) can impair memory and cognitive skills. This is why excessive sweating for an hour for example during strenuous exercise without hydration can cause brain aging.

3.  The brain can store an estimated 2,500,000 gigabytes. That’s equivalent to 300 years worth of TV shows.

4.  We generate around 50,000 thoughts per day. Sadly, in most people, 70% of these thoughts are negative.

5.  Multitasking reduces productivity as the mind has to switch back and forth between tasks. This negatively impacts attention span, and short-term memory.

6. The average human being’s attention span is getting less and less. It is now about 8 seconds. This is less than the attention span of the average goldfish.

7.  It is just a myth that we only use 10% of our mind. The reality is that we use most of our brain – even during periods of rest.

8. There is no  left-brain or right-brain personality type. This is just a myth.

9.  Most of us are not aware of this but 95% of our decisions take place in our subconscious mind.