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Idea Generation – 5 Brilliant Techniques You Can Use

idea generationWhether it is your business you are trying to change or your life, you need idea generation techniques to come up with new and novel ideas to get different results. Now of course there are hundreds of techniques and approaches. However in my opinion, there are 5 brilliant techniques that are particularly effective. The 5 techniques are listed below and it is important to note that each one of these is a standalone techniques that can suffice on its own or work in combination with each other.


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Creativity for Ordinary People

creativity for ordinary peopleNo, creativity is not just about a guru coming out with that earth-shattering idea or product. We are talking here about creativity for ordinary people. How does an ordinary person create difference and innovation in their average day at work or at home? So whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur or a housewife, here are some techniques for you to unleash your creativity…

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Creativity and Innovation using SCAMPER

creativity and innovationThere are many creativity and innovation tools out there for deployment in the workplace but there is one tool – or rather a brainstorming technique – called SCAMPER that can help you to generate  a lot of ideas for development of new products/services and especially for innovating existing products/services…

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The Power of Imagination

power of imaginationEverything that man creates we imagine first. Only human beings have this amazing ability and gift of imagination. It is a way of applying some of our energy to think about what might be possible beyond our current reality. The power of imagination is that the more we imagine, the more creative we become..

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Problem Solving using Reframing

Problem Solving Using ReframingTo be successful, you need to find solutions to every day and some not-so-routine problems. Problem solving requires innovative thinking to come up with effective solutions. One way of problem solving using innovative thinking is advocated by Tina Seelig – a professor at Stanford University who teaches creativity and innovation. She suggests using reframing – rethinking the question – to solve problems in a unique, interesting and innovative fashion…

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Mind Facts – What Every Manager Needs to Know

Mind FactsThere are a number of facts about the human brain – our mind – that are not well-known. There are also a number of myths that have been around for a long time and need to be dispelled. Here are some mind facts based on research from neuroscience that can help managers to appreciate how the brain actually works and to use this knowledge to advantage for personal and organizational development…

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The Brain at Work

This is an extract from an article with the same title in the Harvard Business Review authored by Adam Waytz and Malia Mason.

brain at workNeuroscience which is the science of how the brain works has been around for a long time but it has taught us surprisingly little about how the mind works. The few things it has taught though have been articulated very well.  This article is about those few things. These are the default, reward, affect, and control core neural networks.  The role of these networks  and their implications for people managers are now starting to be understood.

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