Walt Disney is known for his imagination and ability to come up with incredibly creative ideas in converting fantasies into realities. His innovation and creativity helped to make Walt Disney a global brand and business organization. His most used method was to look at a topic from different angles including how others particularly audiences would view the idea. This pattern of thinking became known as Brainstorming using the Walt Disney Method and was further developed by Robert Dilts, an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programmig (NLP)…

The Three Perspectives

Walt Disney emphasized various perspectives, Disney used three roles or perspectives to be conducted one after the other usually by different groups as follows:


This individual or a group of individuals were tasked with imagining limitless possibilities, to dream big and to assume that all ideas were possible. This produced a list of ideas that were not limited by reality, risks, boundaries, constraints, etc.


The realists then were tasked to assess those ideas and possibilities in terms of practicality and feasibility. This included looking at things like human and financial resources, time or other constraining factors. time.


Finally, the critics would come into action. These were not devil’s advocates or those who would think about the negative side of the ideas raised by dreamers or realists. They were instead asked to act as external consultants to look at the ideas by the dreamers and the insights of the realists to identify errors in thinking or fundamental mistakes.


To apply the brainstorming method, three separate spaces/rooms can be used in which the ‘dreamers’, ‘realists’ and ‘critics’ discuss the ideas separately and consecutively.