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Increase Your Productivity – 10 Ways

increase your productivityWho doesn’t want to increase productivity and add some more hours every day. But we get lost in our daily routine and stuck in our habits. When this happens, productivity starts to suffer and output starts to decline. Here are 10 ways to get back on track and increase your productivity substantially…

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Emotional Intelligence – The 2 Main Parts

Based on an article by Daniel Goleman

emotional intelligenceDaniel Goleman, the “inventor” of the concept of Emotional Intelligence, says he once met a  CEO who complained that despite having MBAs from great universities, many of his managers were unable to perform and deliver. The explanation for this according to Daniel Goleman lies in the interplay between IQ and emotional intelligence. For high performance and leadership, you need both…

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Positive Thinking – 6 Practical Strategies

positive thinkingFor most of us, the kind of thinking we usually have is based on negative patterns that undermine our confidence and prevent us from reaching our desired goals. The real challenge for everyone is to switch to positive thinking whenever possible. Here are 6 practical strategies to change to a new way of thinking.. .


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Self-Awareness: What Exactly Is It and Why Should You Care?

self-awarenessSelf Awareness is having a clear understanding of who you are in terms of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, way of thinking, beliefs, behaviors and emotions. It is this clarity of perceiving yourself that enables an understanding of how you come across to others…

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Psychology of Well-Being

psychology of well-beingPeople have struggled to understand the definition and meaning of terms like well-being and happiness for a long time. We seem to know intuitively that well-being is connected with things like feeling in-charge, felling connected to other people and having some sense of purpose and meaning in our work and life. One view of the psychology of well-being is that it is based on the following six key factors…

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9 Amazing Insights

amazing insightsSome insights are so impactful and compelling that they can create a real difference in the way you think and behave – even if this is only for a short span of time. So it is a really good practice to read powerful insights often. Here is a collection of 9 amazing insights…

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Flow State – Triggers for Getting into the Zone

Flow StateThe state where you get a sense of optimum performance, everything is going according to plan and you just go from one win or success to another is often called the Zone or the Flow State. The Flow State is when a sportsman is in supreme form or a stockbroker keeps getting one winning trade after another. It is one of those states that comes and then disappears and it is hard to figure out how to get back into that state. Based on research by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, it is now possible to switch on the Flow State by understanding the triggers that create the heightened focus required…

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