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Differentiating Yourself – 4 Strategies

Are you content to be like everyone else and just coast along or are you looking to get on a new trajectory of differentiating yourself so that you can stand out from the rest of the crowd? I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some really helpful insights on how to go about creating such differentiation in yourself. Here are 4 key strategies:

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Psychology of Flow – Zone of High Performance

psychology of flowYou are out running in the park. Instead of your mind thinking about the office tasks on Monday, your attention is focused on the act of running and nothing else. You can feel the ground beneath your feet, the tension in your legs and how you are feeling as you breathe in and out. You are somehow completely focused on this and nothing else seems to matter. Suddenly you notice you have been running for twice as long as usual and you are not even tired.

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Mental Technology – Software for Your Life

An extract from the book The 10 Mental Laws by Barbara Berger

mental technologyJust as there are physical laws that describe and govern the behavior of physical phenomena, so there are mental laws  that describe and govern our thinking and the behavior. The application of these mental laws is what is referred to as mental technology. This a bit like the software that drives how we think and what we do. Here are the 10 laws:

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Meaning of Success

meaning of successHow many of us really understand what success actually means? The truth is that most people have absolutely no clue about this and the majority of those who have created a definition are likely to be wrong. How do I know this? Because I have struggled with this question myself for many years and it is without question one of the most vexing questions of our lifetime.

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Flow State – Triggers for Getting into the Zone

Flow StateThe state where you get a sense of optimum performance, everything is going according to plan and you just go from one win or success to another is often called the Zone or the Flow State. The Flow State is when a sportsman is in supreme form or a stockbroker keeps getting one winning trade after another. It is one of those states that comes and then disappears and it is hard to figure out how to get back into that state. Based on research by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, it is now possible to switch on the Flow State by understanding the triggers that create the heightened focus required…

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Taking Action – The Key to Change Things

taking actionBased on a web article by Scott Young

For most of us – other than the 2% of people who are really successful at what they do – there is a big challenge we face every day. We like to dream about what we want to become or what we want to have in the future but we can’t seem to take action. We have ideas but we can’t execute. As a human species, we are essentially lazy – we seek reward without working for it. So what is the solution? How does one get better at following up by taking action?…

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Science of Happiness – Key Lessons

science of happinessThe most popular class in Harvard University’s history (900 students) is “Positive Psychology” taught by Professor Tal Ben Shahar. This class became really popular because it taught as part of its curriculum what is now referred to as the science of happiness. Here are some key lessons from the work of Professor Shahar…

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