amazing insightsSome insights are so impactful and compelling that they can create a real difference in the way you think and behave – even if this is only for a short span of time. So it is a really good practice to read powerful insights often. Here is a collection of 9 amazing insights…

1- Do it now – the future is promised to no one.

2- How other people treat you is their karma – how you respond is yours.

3- You can’t be lonely if you really like and accept the person you are alone with – you!

4- How you judge another person says more about you than them.

5- Change how you see things and things automatically change.

6- Conflict cannot survive without your participation.

7- Quality of life is determined by how you deal with your moments, not which moments happen and which don’t.

8- Beliefs are nothing to be proud of. They’re really nothing but opinions one refuses to reconsider.

9- When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.