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Tag: Conflict Management and Negotiation

Top Negotiation Secrets

The ability to negotiate well is perhaps one of the most vital skills for success in one’s life yet for most people, it is hard to understand how to become a better negotiator. The ability to negotiate is not some inherent aptitude that one has or does not have. It is, in fact,like all other skills one that can be acquired and honed over time. Here are the key things to remember in order to become an accomplished negotiator:

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The ART of Confrontation

art of confrontationOne of the facts about management that seems contrary to conventional wisdom is that most managers are really “nice” guys who do not like confronting their subordinates and holding them accountable. These managers consider this part of management to be a real hassle, something they would rather avoid. They believe this is an unnecessary evil and something they have to put up with as part of the heavy burden of management. Managers who think like this of course are never really going to be able to hold any one accountable. Then there is the mean-spirited manager who is completely task oriented, and who does not give a damn about people. Managers with some degree of balance between their concern for people and concern for holding the same people accountable for their performance are unfortunately a bit of a rarity.

So how does a manager strike a balance and make the process of confronting subordinates about their behavior or performance a bit easier and less stressful for both parties?..

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Giving Feedback – The Right Way

Giving FeedbackWhat happens in people’s brains when they receive feedback? It’s hard for human beings to feel they are wrong and it is even harder for them to hear that from others. There is a primal, psychological reason for this. Our brains view criticism as a threat to our survival. Because our brains are ready to protect us at all costs, they go out of their way to make sure we always feel like we’re in the right-even when we’re not…

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Negotiation Techniques – 10 Top Mistakes

negotiation techniquesAs an executive, a business manager or entrepreneur, one of the skills that determine your success is your ability to negotiate. Whether you are negotiating on price, on value, on which idea to implement or you are negotiating to reach a compromise on a difficult issue, it is easy to forget key principles of negotiation in the heat of the moment or in your desire to close the process.

Here are the top 10 mistakes that people make that you should avoid while negotiating:

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Handling Difficult People: 7 Things to Remember

Every one encounters difficult people. In fact, if you think objectively and hard enough, you were probably a difficult person yourself not too long ago! What happened? Were you really angry and hurt? Was it embarrassment or frustration? So when other people go through this difficult series of emotions and seem difficult, here are 7 things for you to remember:

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