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Miscommunication Patterns at Work

In the process of communicating with others at work, there is an unfortunate reality that is part of being human and imperfect and the egotistical beings that we are. This reality is that often we miscommunicate much more than we communicate, leaving behind a trail of wrong impressions, unfulfilled objectives and dissatisfied people.

There are of course as many ways to miscommunicate as there are types of people but here are the top 2  miscommunication patterns to watch out for and avoid…

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Conflict Management

At the broadest level, we define our identity by two things:

Who we are – our personality, our beliefs, values etc.
What we do – our actions, behavior, etc.

We want others to accept us the way we are and to accept the way we do things. When either of these expectations is challenged, there is conflict. Usually it’s a play for power – sometimes there are other reasons…

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You and (not) Your Ego

ego,mask,change,transformationIn our personal lives and at work, many of us feel sometime that we have been our own worst enemies. When this happens, we can be sure that this shadow beside us that makes us do these things we regret later is none other than our own ego. It constantly gets in our way, putting up obstacles, manipulating our emotions. But how do we control it? After all, it resides within us and has been there for a very long time…

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Six Realities of Change Management

change management,change,ODThere are lot’s of things to take care of when introducing change in an organization – and there are lot’s of myths and hype as well about what works and what doesn’t. Change management is as complex as human beings are – so there aren’t any easy answers or recipes for success. But here’s a list of 6 key things to keep in mind as you think about creating a toolkit for change in your workplace…

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