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Change Management is Dead

According to a study done by McKinsey, 73% of transformation projects fail. 1 in 5 projects fail so badly that they threaten the existence of the business. Change management has failed and every failure is accompanied by the usual explanations: lack of communication, people resistance, poor implementation, etc. So the question is why has change management failed and what if any is the alternative?

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Building a Strategy – 5 Key Questions

Based on an article in Harvard Business Review by Roger Martin

building a strategyStrategy is sometimes made out to be much more complex than it actually is. This is usually because of too much focus on complex-sounding tools like environmental scans, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, financial modeling etc. Another issue seems to be that strategy is thought to be about some conceptual and deep into the future stuff.  Building a strategy does not have to be a complex approach. We can simplify strategy by thinking of it as a set of answers to 5 interlinked questions in a specific sequence…

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Learning Organization – 2 Key Strategies to Build One

Learning OrganizationCorporate training has changed tremendously and organizations that still adhere to the old way of providing learning opportunities to their employees risk spending a lot of money without a commensurate gain. Cultural and technological changes suggest there are 2 key strategies in contemporary organizations that can help to build a learning organization…

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Problem Solving Using the Subconscious Mind

problem solvingHave you noticed how you sometimes get stuck thinking about how to resolve a problem and no amount of thinking produces any result? Then you decide to leave the office and go for a walk in the park and suddenly you get this inspiration about a possible solution. Is this just a random coincidence or is there some explanation of why this happens?…

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The Right Mindset

Based on a web article by Myrko Thum

right mindsetYour mindset is the sum of your knowledge, beliefs and thoughts about the world and yourself. It is like a filter for information you get in and put out. So it determines how you receive and react to information. It is often used for a specific function or aspect of your life – e.g. “an entrepreneur’s mindset” or a “winning mindset“. We sometimes hear about a sports team that loses the match even before it started because it had a “loser’s mindset“. Having the right mindset is often the biggest factor in determining success in a particular initiative…

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Long-Range Planning is (almost) Dead

long-range planningRemember the strategic planning process with you and a lot of other executives working furiously during an intense 3-day huddle to come out with a 5-year plan that would help the organization navigate through an uncertain future? Or you might recall the 40-page long business plan complete with spreadsheet projections for the next 30 months and pie-charts about the potential market share for your latest offering. If you are like many other people today, including former advocates of the strategic and business planning process, you are probably thinking it would have saved everyone a lot of pain if you could have just dumped those plans into the nearest dustbin the moment these were produced…

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Problem Solving using Reframing

Problem Solving Using ReframingTo be successful, you need to find solutions to every day and some not-so-routine problems. Problem solving requires innovative thinking to come up with effective solutions. One way of problem solving using innovative thinking is advocated by Tina Seelig – a professor at Stanford University who teaches creativity and innovation. She suggests using reframing – rethinking the question – to solve problems in a unique, interesting and innovative fashion…

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