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Read Faster to Learn Faster

read fasterOne of the reasons why people read slowly is because of what is known as back-skipping (going over previous lines and passages). Another reason is lack of concentration according to James Kwik – a memory and speed reading expert. So is there a simple way one can learn to read faster?…

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Triple Your Productivity

Triple Your ProductivityThere are literally hundreds of ways to improve your productivity. But if you are looking for a quantum difference where you can virtually triple your productivity, then it is necessary to use a 3-step approach. Using all 3 steps and using these simultaneously is what can produce the remarkable difference.

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Working Faster

Work FasterOne of the benefits of running an entrepreneurial organization is that almost by definition, it is a quest for doing more work in a shorter period of time at a lower cost. This is not some golden rule for entrepreneurs, it is a necessity. So you have to learn all the tricks there are to become more productive. The problem is that most advice handed out about time management and maximizing productivity looks viable as long as it’s in a management book or a training course but once you are back in the office, it’s just not practical.

For example, how many times have you heard that there are only so many seconds in the day and time never comes back. Has it made any difference? So maybe it’s time to explore some other strategies. How does one get more work done in the same time? Here are some ways that have proven to be really useful for me and a lot of other people. You may be surprised with how effective these can be…

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Improve Your Productivity 1000 Percent

This is based on a strategy formulated by the world-renowned motivational speaker Brian Tracy to improve your productivity 1,000 percent.

Improve Your ProductivityBrian Tracy started out his career with just $14,400 in income. Twelve years later, this income had increased 100 times to $1,440,000. He realized he had achieved this amazing increase using a formula which he later articulated as the “1000 percent formula”. The formula is based on getting a little bit better each day…

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Double Your Productivity

Based on a blog article by Robin Sharma.

Double Your ProductivityIn a blog article, author and leadership guru Robin Sharma shares 17 tips for enhancing productivity. In a typical day, there are so many distractions at home and at work that some kind of deliberate strategy is needed to maintain and improve productivity. This extract summarizes what we believe are the 7 most effective of these…

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Lean Thinking Principles

Lean Thinking Lean thinking principles essentially consist of a five-step thought process proposed by Womack and Jones in 1996 to guide managers through a process of lean transformation. Lean thinking is equally applicable in manufacturing (enhancing quality and reducing waste), in entrepreneurial startups where being lean and thinking lean are essential for survival and in large enterprises that have grown to the point where they need to re-think processes and client interfaces. Here are the five principles…

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6 Strategies For A Better Day At Work

Better Day at workHave you noticed how some days you feel disoriented and confused about how to get through the day with umpteen tasks to do in different categories? Just thinking about the all these things to do overwhelms you and your stress level shoots up. The funny thing is you haven’t done any work yet so why the stress and the confusion? Here are 6 strategies for a better day at work – without the confusion and the inner turmoil…

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