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The One Sentence Persuasion Strategy

persuasion strategyAn extract based on the One Sentence Persuasion Principle by Blair Warren

The first question to ask is whether it is even possible to have a one sentence persuasion strategy. How can it be that it is possible to capture and communicate anything of value about persuasion in just one sentence? This article proves that not only is this possible, it is an extremely powerful tool…

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5 Ways to Reduce Presentation Nervousness

presentation nervousnessIf you are someone who feels nervous before presentations, you are not alone. Presentation nervousness is very human and almost everyone with the exception of very experienced public speakers has a degree of anxiety before starting a presentation.  But it is also true than unless you manage your nervousness, your anxiety will take over and show. No audience will ever be impressed by a nervous presenter no matter how great your content is….

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Differentiating Yourself – 4 Strategies

Are you content to be like everyone else and just coast along or are you looking to get on a new trajectory of differentiating yourself so that you can stand out from the rest of the crowd? I wanted to take this opportunity to offer some really helpful insights on how to go about creating such differentiation in yourself. Here are 4 key strategies:

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What Do You Say When You Don’t Know

when you don't knowYou are having a conversation with your team and someone asks a question about the best way forward. You honestly don’t have a clue. Or you might be a trainer and one of the participants asks a tough question and you simply don’t know the answer. What do you say in such a situation? Do you blurt out some vague generalities in the hope that this might do the trick or do you own up to the fact when you don’t know the answer?

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Psychology of Flow – Zone of High Performance

psychology of flowYou are out running in the park. Instead of your mind thinking about the office tasks on Monday, your attention is focused on the act of running and nothing else. You can feel the ground beneath your feet, the tension in your legs and how you are feeling as you breathe in and out. You are somehow completely focused on this and nothing else seems to matter. Suddenly you notice you have been running for twice as long as usual and you are not even tired.

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Change How You React – Change The Outcomes

change how you reactMy older son who is about to turn 18 loves driving my car. Some weeks ago, we had gone out for dinner and as I was paying the bill, he asked if he could bring the car over from the car park as that would save me a long walk. I hesitated a bit because we were in a very crowded place with a lot of traffic around but I knew he wanted to drive so I said yes. 15 minutes passed and just as I was getting worried, he walked over to me, looking very sheepish, and said he had banged someone else’s car and the car driver was wanting to see me. I started to feel irritated at this unnecessary complication and was getting ready to give my son a lecture. Just then, the car driver whose car had been damaged came over with a broad smile and a warm handshake. The first thing he said to me was “It’s OK – don’t be tough on your son. Anyway, it’s just a small scratch.”  Now that was unexpected…

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Secrets of Innovation – The Five S Solution

Based on an extract from a web article by Toni Newman

secrets of innovationEveryone believes they have innovative ideas but the reality is only a small percentage of innovative ideas turn out to be huge successes. The vast majority of these so-called innovative ideas do not succeed because they are actually not that innovative at all. In fact, some research estimates suggest that as many as 80%-90% of these innovative ideas fail. After 20 years of studying thousands of innovative ideas – including the successful, the semi-successful and the downright disastrous – we have reached the conclusion that there are 5 simple secrets to innovative ideas that get BIG results..

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