management mistakesMaking mistakes is everyone’s right. However, learning from one’s own mistakes and learning from others’ mistakes is essential. Like everyone else, managers also make a lot of mistakes so here is a list of the top 5 management mistakes that managers need to avoid…

1- Failure to Prioritize

Making every task a priority is a big mistake. Prioritizing effectively and focusing on a few tasks allows the manager to create more impact for the time spent.

2-  Applying Inflexible Policies

There is no such thing as a company policy that can serve all situations all the time. Company policy should be seen as a guide, not the last word on the matter.  It is best to be flexible and apply common sense when  it comes to dealing with staff and particularly when dealing with customers. No customer wants to hear the supplier telling them “oh sorry I can’t help you; it’s company policy“.

3- Hesitating to Share Information

No one is advocating sharing sensitive or confidential information as that would be tantamount to stupidity.  But many managers think that sharing information should be restricted to as little information as possible. This is dead wrong. Managers need to err on the side of communicating and sharing information as much as possible. This builds trust and credibility.

Another way to think about this is to be more “direct” and upfront rather than being “cagey” in the way one communicates. An interesting viewpoint about this kind of communications comes from Jack Welch in this article.

4- Micro-Managing

This is a sure-fire way of demotivating employees. Giving the team members a significant degree of latitude in the way they work and the decisions they make is empowering and motivating.

5- Not Accepting Overall Responsibility 

It is part of the territory when one is a manager to accept overall responsibility for failure. It is this ability to accept responsibility that creates trust and respect.