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Digital & Finance Professional (DFP)

Digital & Finance Professional (DFP) is a professional designation from ICMA Digital, the digital skills development arm of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMA Pakistan).

In addition to being the first step towards achieving the prestigious CMA designation of ICMA Pakistan or working towards a Certified Digital Professional (CDP) designation from ICMA Digital, DFP is also a stand-alone professional title that provides a stamp of recognition for well-respected professionals in any organisation.

This qualification allows you to add DFP to your name to demonstrate your professionalism, knowledge & experience.



This program is offered in partnership with ICMA Digital, the digital skills development arm of the Institute of Cost & Management Accountants in Pakistan (ICMA Pakistan). ICMA Digital Academy Limited is incorporated in the United Kingdom. ICMA Digital’s mission is to develop a job-ready workforce of the future with globally in-demand digital skills.

ICMA Digital

Digital & Finance Professional (DFP)

Are you a high school/college graduate not sure about your preferred professional career path? Do you want to keep your options open until you learn more about how you can develop an international professional career?

Or are you a professional Accounting Body Certificate holder or a university graduate in Business/Accounting seeking to explore new job opportunities not just in Pakistan but internationally in the digital arena and/or in finance?

If so, you are at the right place!


In the context of rapid technology driven transformation around the world, there are significant opportunities to develop a rewarding career in digital arena by providing services to global clients remotely from Pakistan.

The accounting profession is also going through a period of change. A ‘Future Fit’ accounting professional needs to have an in-depth understanding of data analytics to supplement his accounting expertise. In his future capacity as an enabler of digital & tech in his organisation, he also needs to have a good understanding of technologies that are transforming businesses around the world.

Whether you wish to develop an international career in a digital field of your choice or plan to become a Future Fit accounting professional with a prestigious CMA designation, DFP will provide you with a solid starting point.

Completing DFP will provide you the necessary knowledge and exposure to allow you to make an informed choice between the two equally attractive career pathways.

It will also make you a job-ready professional, should you wish to choose the employment pathway with or without further professional education.

Key Program Highlights


Option 1 – Cohort Learning
Option 2- Self-Paced Learning


ICMA Digital, ICMA Pakistan, Big Tech firms
and international universities in partnership
with Coursera


Standard Duration – 2 Years
Accelerated Duration – 1 Year


Standard Duration – A Levels, Intermediate, University
graduates with no exposure to Business/Accounting

Accelerated Duration – Professional Accounting Body
Certification, University Graduates in Business/Accounting

  FEES – (USD)

One-Time Admission Fee – 50 – plus any one of the 4 options below:

1- Standard Duration, Cohort Learning – 2,000**
2- Standard Duration, Self-Paced Learning – 1,200**

3- Accelerated Duration, Cohort Learning – 1,200**
4- Accelerated Duration, Self-Paced Learning – 750**

**You are eligible for the Founders Class Scholarship offered by ICMA Digital. If needed, instalment payment plans are also offered by ICMA Digital (admin & financing costs are added for instalment payments)

Program Contents

The Diploma in Digital and Finance qualification consists of three constituent diplomas and a 3-month internship as follows:

-Diploma in Operational Accounting
-Diploma in Digital Skills
-Diploma in Professional Success Skills
-Internship, 3 months to acquire relevant working knowledge

Diploma in Operational Accounting

The Diploma in Operational Accounting is awarded by ICMA Digital once the learner has passed all the courses up to Operational Level 2 and been awarded CMA Operational Level Certificate by ICMA Pakistan.

CMA Operational Accounting Modules

Course 1

  • Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Business Economics
  • Business Communication & Report Writing

Course 2

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Business Mathematics & Statistical Inference
  • Commercial Laws

ICMA Pakistan is our principal partner for the tuition of the Diploma in Operational Accounting. We plan to announce other Approved Partners before the end of the year.

The learner will attend classes at ICMA Pakistan or another Approved Partner of his choice. Examinations for Operational Levels 1 and 2 are conducted by ICMA Pakistan multiple times during the year.

Diploma in Digital Skills

The Diploma in Digital Skills provides the learner an overview of the various digital & emerging technologies helping to cause digital transformation around the world and the career opportunities available in the digital arena.

Having gained an introduction to key transformational technologies, the learner gets an opportunity to choose one area for career specialisation.


Introductory Overview of Key Digital and Emerging Technologies Skills

Prompt engineering for Chat GPT


Options for Digital Skills Specialisation*

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. UX Design
  5. Digital Skills for Finance

*Additional specialisation options will be introduced in early 2024.

Diploma in Professional Success Skills

This diploma is focused on developing professional business skills for success. Soft skills like critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication and teamwork are as important for business success as technical skills.

Professional Success Skills

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Business Writing
  • Business Ethics
  • Freelancing Setup

Experience the Programme


Digital Marketing

Macquarie University
Storytelling & Influencing

Enhance Employability Outcomes through Internships

Prospective ICMA Digital’s Partner Platforms Providing Work Experience

ICMA Digital plans to partner with international platforms that would help students enrolled on its certification programmes pitch for internship opportunities to gain invaluable work experience and the professional skills they need to land a job (or work as a freelancer).

The opportunity to pitch for an internship will be made available after the completion of the specialisation programme. Most internships are virtual but there are others that offer an opportunity to live and work in exciting locations around the world during the internship period.*

While most internships are unpaid, some micro-internships are paid where the student gets an opportunity to work virtually on mini-projects around the world.

Most internship platforms charge a fee for the provision of their services. The work experience gained through these internships often result in a job offer or continued freelance work after the completion of the internship.

The larger among our prospective partner internship platforms boast over 12,000+ approved host companies in 70+ countries and a track record of 25% of the interns gaining a job offer after the completion of their internship.

*The responsibility for obtaining travel visa and all related costs rests with the student

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