MBA from upGrad School of Management and Technology, UK

Your limitations don’t stand a chance when it comes to your aspirations.
Your flaws are too small when it comes to your potential.
When you put your mind to it, nothing can get in the way.
So why should you take a step back when it comes to your career progression?  Let nothing stop you from achieving your ambition with an MBA from upGrad School of Management and Technology, UK.

Starts on 31 May 2024 – 15 Months Duration

This program is offered in partnership with upGrad, a global leader in higher online education with 2 million learners across 100 countries worldwide. With the latest technology, pedagogy, industry partners and world-class faculty, upGrad creates immersive online learning experiences for learners globally.


MBA Degree

Earn a coveted MBA degree that awards 100% European ECTS credits.

  • Master the foundations of business and specialise in a domain
  • Get a degree recognised by credential evaluation firms across Europe, US and Canada
  • Gain practical and relevant industry knowledge taught by business leaders

Key Program Highlights




Affiliated with Woolf which is accredited in the US. Switzerland, Canada and Malta


15 months


Bachelor Degree or equivalent, English language proficiency


USD 2,400


Most affordable accredited MBA

Course Overview

Focus on the qualities and attributes of inspirational leaders, emphasizing charisma, vision, and integrity. Develop these qualities and enhance their leadership capabilities, to inspire and motivate others effectively.

Gain financial literacy, learn accounting fundamentals and understand how business events affect financial statements. Learn to analyze financial statements, manage working capital, and evaluate projects using appropriate metrics.

Estimate the value of a company and understand what determines that value is crucial for financial decision-making. Discuss some prevalent valuation methods used in the industry.

Understand the actions and satisfaction levels of buyers and sellers, analyze market behavior and available resources. Analyze various indicators such as GDP, inflation, and employment rates.

Enhance the value of products and services by strategically positioning them in the market and creating consumer appeal. This involves understanding the market trends and consumer preferences, and leveraging them to deliver maximum value.

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and Corporate Accountability
  • The Business of Social Change and Innovation

Utilize both verbal and nonverbal communication techniques to convey messages through appropriate communication channels. Additionally, create a compelling vision statement and branding assets to connect with the intended audience effectively

Learn key concepts like data collection, probability theory, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and data visualisation. Analyse and interpret data, make data-driven decisions, and learn to use statistics to solve business problems.

Learn to communicate requirements with data scientists and identify metrics that align with business objectives. Derive insights that can drive informed decision-making. Utilize linear regression models and build hypotheses to test validity.

To understand the impact of the macro and micro-environment on a firm, analyze PESTLE factors. Apply different growth strategies such as market penetration, product development, market development, and diversification.

Understand supply chain factors and demand patterns to optimise supply chains. Learn to identify the optimal supply chain design and evaluate suppliers, plan inventory levels, transportation modes, and storage facilities.

Apply all the MBA concepts taught in courses in this holistic Capstone project that requires learners to analyze a strategic business problem from multiple angles

  • Equip yourself with the required Communication Skills in the 21st Century.
  • Appreciate common problem-solving methodologies used in business, consulting and in daily life. You will be oriented to the techniques that are most frequently used globally across top consulting firms such as BCG, McKinsey, Bain etc.
  • Build your professional presence using various tools like your resume, LinkedIn presence and other public platforms.
  • Manage job search, interviews and salary negotiation in a structured manner to optimise your efforts

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