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MDi Online has been authorized as a partner of International University of Applied Sciences (IU) to offer IU’s extensive suite of online degrees to students and working professionals across Pakistan. IU is Germany’s largest private university with 85,000+ students with more than half studying online.  The university also has 21 physical campuses across Germany and Austria.

Germany is one of the top study destinations in the world and considered one of the best providers of education. A leader in innovation, business, and technology, career prospects for those with a German degree are diverse and far-reaching. IU is at the heart of Germany with degree programs that are accredited by all the country’s educational standards agencies.

IU’s online degrees are exactly the same as the on-campus version but at an incredible 80%+ lower cost than the on-campus cost.

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Students can complete the online degree of their choice at their existing location or part of the degree here and the remaining with credit transfers to the on-campus program at one of IU’s campuses in Germany.

IU has coordinated some of its most popular programs with London South Bank University (LSBU) to have equivalent study content. This means you have the opportunity to acquire a British degree in addition to your German degree from IU. Once you complete your degree, you will automatically receive the LSBU validated degree on top of your certificate from IU. This gives you an extra advantage when applying for jobs internationally, without the need for extra studies or to travel to the UK.

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IU Germany Online Programs