MBA Program – Focus and Flexibility

MDi MBA Program Focus and Flexibility

The international MBA program at MDi is based on a unique delivery methodology that offers tremendous focus and flexibility for students and working professionals. The program includes 10 courses and a final project each of which we deliver in short 2-month sessions. So unlike in the average MBA program where you have to study 4-5 courses in each semester, we focus on one course at a time over a period of 8 weeks. During these 8 weeks, we FOCUS on only that one course or that final project, complete all the teaching, coursework assessment and final exam then break for a week or two before starting the next course.

The great advantage of this is the ability to focus on and learn more effectively about that one subject area. Students report that after getting used to this approach, they wonder how they were ever able to handle multiple courses in one semester! Today, even contemporary literature on productivity and goal achievement emphasizes the huge benefits of focusing on one task or subject at a time rather than the previous conventional wisdom about multiplexing.

In addition to focus, the MBA program offers FLEXIBILITY which is so necessary for all adult students and for working professionals in particular. There is one physical class on Saturdays that provides the necessary social interaction and face to face interaction with the course leader and with peers complemented with a second online class on a weekday evening – like Saturday evening – for additional sessions for including case studies, tutorials, group work and so on. What this means is that students need not come to the MDi campus more than once a week.

The other flexibility is because of the one course at a time approach, students can START-STOP i.e. exit the program say for 2 months and re-join when the next 2-months session starts and continue the program from there and re-take the course that was missed at some later time during their studies.


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