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Master of Science - Cyber Security Management

Become a master in cyber security. Learn to protect companies and customers in a variety of industries with this degree.

With digitalisation, cyber-attacks on software and systems are on the rise. To ensure the confidentiality of important data, just about every company, organisation, and government agency alike requires competent cyber security professionals. There is now a huge and unmet demand for security experts with a keen eye to identify and defend against cyber-attacks. With the IU Master in Cyber Security, a programme taught fully online, you will acquire all the skills you need to protect data and ensure top security measures for systems used by companies worldwide. You’ll become a specialist in securing infrastructures against attacks, risks or malware using statistical and digital forensic methods.

master of cyber security

Your Degree Summed Up


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

 120 ECTS – 1 semesters online, 3 semesters on-campus


120 ECTS option (European Credit Transfer System). Accredited in line with German and European standards


4 semesters – 24 months – 120 ECTS option


120 ECTS – Bachelor degree – minimum 3 years
60 ECTS – Bachelor degree – 4 years
Previous study in Math, Statistics, Programming, Computer Science or proof of work knowledge
At least overall C grade
English Skills (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.)


120 ECTS – Euros 4,512 for full degree


Online Assignments and Exams

Course Overview - Option 1 - 120 ECTS 4 Semesters

Advanced Mathematics 5
Cyber Security and Data Protection 5
Corporate Governance of IT, Compliance, and Law 5
Advanced Research Methods 5
Seminar: Advanced Cyber Security 5
Cryptology 5
Cyber Risk Assessment and Management 5
IT Systems: Software 5
IT Systems: Hardware 5
Cyber Systems and Network Forensics 5
Secure Networking 5
Theoretical Computer Science for IT Security 5
Seminar: Standards and Frameworks 5
Project: Current Challenges of Cyber Security 5
Electives A 10
Electives B 10
Master Thesis & Colloquium 30

Electives for 120 ECTS Option

In the 120-credit options, you’ll choose electives amounting to 20 ECTS credits. In this way you can specialise in your area of interest.

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