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Master of Science - Artificial Intelligence

Robots, smart devices, autonomous vehicles: AI is enabling what people once said was impossible. Shape the future of industries with a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence.

AI is the sweet spot where mathematical minds meet creativity and vision for a better, more efficient world. A Master’s in Artificial Intelligence at IU provides you with key technical knowledge, tools, and training and helps you apply these to practical use cases for innovation. The exciting thing about a degree in artificial intelligence? The huge scope of industries you can enter once you graduate. You could move into computer science, automotive, mechanical engineering, healthcare, or even the arts. AI is driving change in nearly all sectors.

Master of Science - Artificial Intelligence

Your Degree Summed Up


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

60 ECTS – 2 semesters online
120 ECTS – 4 semesters online



120 ECTS option and 60 ECTS option (European Credit Transfer System). Accredited in line with German and European standards


4 semesters – 24 months – 120 ECTS option
2 semesters – 12 months – 60 ECTS option


120 ECTS – Bachelor degree – minimum 3 years,, one year work experience
60 ECTS – Bachelor degree – 4 years, one year experience
Previous study in Math, Programming, Computer Science or proof of work knowledge
At least overall C grade
English Skills (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.)


120 ECTS – Euros 4,964 for full degree
60 ECTS – Euros 3,288 for full degree


Online Assignments and Exams

Course Overview - Option 1 - 120 ECTS 4 Semesters

Artificial Intelligence 5
Advanced Mathematics 5
Use Case and Evaluation 5
Seminar: AI and Society 5
Advanced Statistics 5
Project: AI Use Case 5
Programming with Python 5
Machine Learning 5
Deep Learning 5
NLP and Computer Vision 5
Electives A 10
Inference and Causality 5
Reinforcement Learning 5
Software Engineering for Data Intensive Sciences 5
Electives B 10
Seminar: Current Topics in AI 5
Master Thesis & Colloquium 30

Electives for 120 ECTS Option

For the 120-ECTS programme, you’ll choose two elective modules, equalling 20 ECTS credits of your overall degree. The electives you can choose, differ for the longer or shorter degree and are listed in the drop down menu below.

Machine learning techniques – in particular from the field of deep learning – are currently being explored in the automation of cognitive tasks like vision, natural language processing and control. This specialisation addresses these application areas, providing you with the relevant knowledge to work in these important areas of technological progress.

The last decade has seen fundamental changes in financial markets and financial instruments. Both the theory and practice of corporate finance have been moving ahead with uncommon speed. Participants will be guided through the main areas of modern financial theory, including the pricing of assets and derivatives, corporate financial policy, and corporate control. The course emphasises the modern fundamentals of the theory of finance and brings the theory to life with contemporary examples.

Course content:

  • Portfolio and capital market theory and analysis
  • Financing types, capital structure, and capital budgeting
  • Company valuation procedures
  • Acquisitions, corporate control and governance
  • Finance planning
  • Financing decisions and issuing securities
  • Dividend policy and capital structure
  • Debt financing and leasing
  • Options and futures
  • Takeovers, corporate control, and governance
  • Solved and unsolved issues and the future of finance

For further information on the curriculum, specialisations and more, request your free copy of our study brochure.

Course Overview - Option 2 - 60 ECTS 2 Semesters

Machine Learning 5
Deep Learning 5
Use Case and Evaluation 5
Reinforcement Learning 5
Seminar: Current Topics in AI 5
Project: AI Use Case 5
Electives 10
Master Thesis & Colloquium 20

Electives for 60 ECTS Option

For the 60-ECTS version of this degree, your elective will equal 10 ECTS credits of your overall degree. The electives you can choose, differ for the longer or shorter degree and are listed in the drop down menu below.

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