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Bachelor of Science - Cyber Security

Cyber security is an area of expertise in great demand. Become a hero trained to prevent and protect against cyber-attacks in all areas of IT with this bachelor’s degree.

In this programme, you will become an expert in identifying and eliminating cyber threats. You will acquire up-to-date knowledge in the area of cyber security and deal with the architecture, programming and maintenance of security systems. In addition to incident response and digital forensics, you will learn aspects of penetration testing and reverse engineering in order to get to know the perspective of cyber criminals and protect against them.

BS Cyber Security

Your Degree Summed Up


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
All 6 semesters online or 2 semesters online and 4 semesters on-campus


180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Accredited in line with German and European standards


6 semesters – 36 months


High School/College Certificate
Intermediate, A Levels, IB Diploma, or equivalent. English Skills (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.)


Euros 5,784 total for full degree


Online Assignments and Exams

Course Overview

Modules ECTS
Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems 5
Introduction to Data Protection and IT Security 5
Mathematics: Analysis 5
Introduction to Academic Work 5
Introduction to Programming with Python 5
Statistics – Probability and Descriptive Statistics 5
Modules ECTS
Object Oriented Programming with Java 5
Mathematics: Linear Algebra 5
Collaborative Work 5
Introduction to Network Forensics 5
Requirements Engineering 5
System Pentesting Basics 5
Modules ECTS
Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making 5
Introduction to the Internet of Things 5
Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming Languages 5
Theoretical Computer Sciences and Mathematical Logic 5
IT Project Management 5
DevSecOps and Common Software Weaknesses 5
Modules ECTS
IT Service Management 5
Cryptography 5
IT Law 5
Host and Software Forensics 5
Artificial Intelligence 5
Information Security Standards 5
Modules ECTS
Seminar: Current Topics in Computer Science 5
Advanced Data Analysis 5
Project: Data Analysis 5
Cloud Computing 5
Elective A 10
Modules ECTS
Elective B 10
Elective C 10
Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium 10


In the fifth and sixth semesters, you’ll choose three specialisations to the value of 30 ECTS. To do this, you’ll choose each specialisation from a different field. Examples of these specialisations include Social engineering, Cloud security, or Automation & Robotics.

In this specialisation, you’ll get to know the specifics of developing software for mobile systems. With the Android mobile platform as an example, you will learn how one differentiates mobile applications (apps) from the development of browser-based information systems, which technologies and programming concepts are typically used, and which challenges there are to developing apps for industrial purposes. You’ll learn how to independently create mobile software systems and use them to solve concrete problems on various software platforms. The optimal usage of camera, photo and video, as well as cross platform development, rounds out this module.

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