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Bachelor of Science - Business & IT

All over the globe, there’s a huge demand for IT professionals with business management skills. Prepare for an exciting career with a bachelor’s degree in business and information technology.

As a result of ongoing global digitisation, the demand for IT specialists with top business management skills is constantly rising. Almost all economic processes are closely linked to IT systems. Opportunities are continually opening up for roles in software development, business analysis, process management, IT consulting and more. The IU Bachelor in Business and IT prepares you with technical and business knowledge specifically oriented towards such roles.

BS Business & IT

Your Degree Summed Up


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
All 6 semesters online or 2 semesters online and 4 semesters on-campus


180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Accredited in line with German and European standards


6 semesters – 36 months


High School/College Certificate
Intermediate, A Levels, IB Diploma, or equivalent. English Skills (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.)


Euros 5,256 total for full degree


Online Assignments and Exams

Course Overview

Modules ECTS
Introduction to Computer Science 5
Business 101 5
Introduction to Academic Work 5
Mathematics I 5
Requirements Engineering 5
Object-oriented Programming with Java 5
Modules ECTS
Collaborative Work 5
Corporate Finance and Investment 5
Data structure and Java class library 5
Statistics – Probability and Descriptive Statistics 5
Database Modelling and Database Systems 5
Introduction to Process Management 5
Modules ECTS
Fundamentals of IT and ERP systems 5
Web Application Development 5
Programming Information Systems with Java EE 5
Management Accounting 5
Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making 5
Software Quality Assurance 5
Modules ECTS
Data Analytics and Big Data 5
Purchasing, Procurement and Distribution 5
IT Law 5
IT Project Management 5
Project Software Engineering 5
International Marketing 5
Modules ECTS
Principles of Management 5
Seminar: Software Engineering 5
Digital Business Models 5
Organizational Behaviour 5
Electives A 10
Modules ECTS
Electives B 10
Electives C 10
Bachelor Thesis 10
Modules ECTS


During your studies, you can choose from several specialist electives to gain expertise in the area you are interested in.

Salesforce Platform Development

Salesforce is the world’s most widely-used software solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). One of the main aspects of the tool is that it offers many features and seamlessly integrates the newest technologies. This specialisation was designed in full cooperation with Salesforce, so students who successfully pass this module will be recognised as Salesforce experts with a special certificate.

Here, you’ll learn important concepts for IT security. Fundamental terms and topics will be introduced and discussed, typical fields of application and application areas of IT security explored, and typical procedures and techniques described. Furthermore, in this module, basic and specific in-depth knowledge in cryptographic processes and the practical use of cryptographic systems is conveyed. Courses in this specialisation:

  • Introduction to Data Protection and IT Security
  • Cryptographic processes

Business Intelligence (BI) deals with the creation of information from company data that’s relevant not only to selective management control, but also to the optimisation of company activities. The data warehouse installation often serves as a basis of a company or organisation. In the context of this course, techniques, procedures and models will be introduced and discussed, showing how data filing, the generation and analysis of information, and the distribution of this information are carried out.

In this specialisation, you’ll get to know the specifics of developing software for mobile systems. With the Android mobile platform as an example, you will learn how one differentiates mobile applications (apps) from the development of browser-based information systems, which technologies and programming concepts are typically used, and which challenges there are to developing apps for industrial purposes. You’ll learn how to independently create mobile software systems and use them to solve concrete problems on various software platforms. The optimal usage of camera, photo and video, as well as cross platform development, rounds out this module.

The aim of this specialisation is to present you the most common activities for ITIL Governance and ITIL operational processes and to find concrete solutions. You’ll learn the structures and main elements of an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) as well as activities in the service lifecycle and in implementation of IT outsourcing. Courses in this specialisation:

  • IT Service Management
  • Project IT Service Management

Salesforce is the world’s most widely-used software solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). One of the main aspects of the tool is that it offers many features and seemlessly integrates the newest technologies. You will be certified as part of the module in cooperation with Salesforce.

This specialisation prepares you for sales and business. The interaction between strategy, marketing, sales and after-sales services is an important tool for sales-oriented companies and a central factor for success. This module teaches you relevant know-how for sales and negotiation talks, different distribution systems, and sales by telephone or trusted digital distribution channels.

Which types of data are there, and how are text-based, binary data formats constructed? – Upon completion of this module, you’ll have the answers to these and other relevant questions on the topic of Big Data. In addition, you’ll know both the challenges and typical limitations of analysis systems. You’ll come to understand the foundations of cloud computing and its associated service models. Through this, you’ll be capable of analysing the underlying technologies and characteristic features of the cloud computing systems available today.

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