Small Business Owner’s Marketing Checklist

Small Business Owners Marketing Checklist


It is Monday morning and you need to remind yourself about all the kinds of marketing activities you have to take care of this week. Much of this you have to do yourself so you have 2 choices: think about all the possibilities each time or have a reference checklist. I have always found it useful to keep this reference checklist of various kinds of activities, channels and mechanisms available and handy for use…


Website – add an interesting new update or event
Blog – write some new blog posts of value
Email Marketing – send out a mailer to subscribers
Feeds – use Feedburner to take your posts or updates to subscriber email addresses
Inbound – do some SEO type work on your site to attract visitors
Video Email this is the new kind of email – works better than text
E-Book – write a short e-book that adds value to clients and visitors
Telesales – call a client, ask how they are doing but don’t irritate or disturb
Facebook – make an entry, put a 1-week ad
Twitter – join a group, send out a tweet
Email Enquiry – respond to an email enquiry and add to your CRM and follow up
Telephone Enquiry – handle your telephone enquiry and add to your CRM and follow up
Walk-In – meet the walk-in client or prospect, help them with their enquiry or request
Sales Call – get outside the building – make a sales call or invite someone for lunch
Forum – manage a forum discussion or participate in one
Seminar – participate in a seminar to offer your knowledge
Free Service – give out valuable free service, knowledge, advice, training
Print Ads – if you can afford these occasionally
Press Release – put out a free press release
Testimonial – ask for and publish a testimonial
SMS – send out an SMS broadcast
WhatsApp – send out a message to a WhatsApp group
Referral – ask for and reward (without asking) for a referral
Poster – publish some posters and put them on display
FM Radio – get out there on the air waves
Billboards – use this at key locations
Partners – why don’t you ask for their help?
Giveaways – send gifts like a cake, diary or a pen or something of interest
TV – make an appearance
Linkedin – network with others in your city and contribute articles
Slideshare – make a presentation – it gets lot’s of views and cross-connect with Facebook
Free Trial – offer a free trial period
Survey – ask for opinion and feedback


Note 1: This list is not in any order of importance or priority.
Note 2: Be a champion and add other items here that I have missed

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