Free Webinar – Turn Your Dreams into Reality – The Journey of Entrepreneurship

MDi Pakistan is hosting a FREE webinar for students, youth and aspiring entrepreneurs on Tuesday 29 December 2020, 2.30 – 4.30 pm.

Join a conversation about entrepreneurship with Salman Farooq, a high-energy, result-oriented and successful entrepreneur with both domestic and international experience in technology, education, energy and other industries. Salman has been involved with successful business ventures in the US, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The webinar will be in the form of a conversation with Salman Farooq who will respond to questions from a panel of moderators that include Asad Zaidi, CEO of MDi Pakistan and Uzera Nishat, CEO of the Institute of Empowerment. We will use both English and Urdu to ensure maximum participation. The webinar will focus on what entrepreneurship is, what it isn’t, what works in the Pakistan context, and what types of businesses can be particularly feasible for those looking to start out with a small venture. There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A for participants at the end of the session. Please click here only for webinar registration.

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