University of Maryland

Professional Certificate in Data Science and Business Analytics

Become a data-driven leader with a one-of-its-kind certificate program in data science and business analytics. Taught by top academicians & industry experts, this 360 degree program will put you at the forefront of the data science revolution. No prior coding experience required.

Starts on 31 March 2024 – 7 Months Duration


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University of Maryland

Professional Certificate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

On successful completion of the Program, you receive a verified certificate from University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

  • Showcase your certificate from a Top 20 U.S. Public university
  • This is the 1st certificate in a series of two, to complete the Executive Program in Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Full alumni status from Golden Gate University
  • Please select Executive Program in Data Science and Machine Learning from the Data Science & Analytics tab in the Courses dropdown at the top.

Key Program Highlights


Online, weekly live sessions, small group coaching


University of Maryland accredited


7 months


Diploma or Bachelor Degree, some experience of programming languages preferred but not essential, English language proficiency


USD 2,000


Capstone project in domain of your choice

Course Overview

Data Analysis in Excel

Introduction to DS Landscape
Python Programming Essentials I – Variables, Expressions, and Control Statements
Python Programming Essentials II – Functions and Data Structures
Python Libraries for Data Science – NumPy
Python Libraries for Data Science – Pandas
Python Assignment
Data Analysis using SQL
Practical Data Considerations: Data Cleaning and Preparation
Course Project: Python

Exploratory Data Analysis
Visualization in Python
Visualization using Tableau
Data Storytelling
Visualisation and Storytelling Assignment
Inferential Statistics
Hypothesis Testing
Designing Business Experiments
Course Project: Statistics

Linear Regression in a predictive setting
Introduction to Classification: Logistic Regression
Evaluation methods in Classification Models
Model Selection & Practical Consideration around Modelling + KNN
Decision Tree Models
Introduction to Ensemble Models: Random Forest & Boosting
Unsupervised Learning: Clustering
Unsupervised Learning: Association Rules Mining (Market Basket Analysis)
Course Project: Machine Learning

Capstone Project

Other Degrees