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Bachelor of Arts - Digital Business

Combine business knowledge with IT skills and become a sought-after expert in digital business!

Digital disruption is transforming business models all over the world. Social commerce, smart solutions, innovative supply chains— these ever-expanding trends require an agile approach and excellent knowledge for management. More and more, companies require forward-thinking business minds and talented employees to drive long-term success in the digital economy. A Digital Business Management degree can transform you into just that.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Business

Your Degree Summed Up


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
All 6 semesters online


180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Accredited in line with German and European standards


6 semesters – 36 months


High School/College Certificate
Intermediate, A Levels, IB Diploma, or equivalent. English Skills (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.)


Euros 5,256 total for full degree


Online Assignments and Exams

Course Overview

Business 101 5
Introduction to Academic Work 5
Managerial Economics 5
Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making 5
International Marketing 5
Statistics – Probability and Descriptive Statistics 5
Collaborative Work 5
Management Accounting 5
Database Modelling and Database Systems 5
Agile Project Management 5
Mathematics I 5
Business Intelligence 5
Project: Business Intelligence 5
Corporate Finance and Investment 5
Introduction to the Internet of Things 5
Introduction to Data Protection and IT Security 5
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 5
Software Engineering Principles 5
Digital Business Models 5
Data Analytics and Big Data 5
Statistical Computing 5
Digital Future Commerce 5
Accounting and Balancing 5
Online Marketing 5
Deep Learning 5
Product Development in Industry 4.0 5
Seminar in Current Topics in Digitalization 5
Project: Design Thinking 5
Project: Smart Product Solutions 5
Change Management 5
Leadership 4.0 5
Elective A 10
Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium 10


In the sixth semester, you’ll select an elective to specialise in worth 10 ECTS credits. This gives you the chance to focus on a subject that you are most interested in. Take a look at the list below to see the electives you can choose from.

This specialisation prepares you for sales and business. The interaction between strategy, marketing, sales and after-sales services is an important tool for sales-oriented companies and a central factor for success. This module teaches you relevant know-how for sales and negotiation talks, different distribution systems, and sales by telephone or trusted digital distribution channels.

Which types of data are there, and how are text-based, binary data formats constructed? – Upon completion of this module, you’ll have the answers to these and other relevant questions on the topic of Big Data. In addition, you’ll know both the challenges and typical limitations of analysis systems. You’ll come to understand the foundations of cloud computing and its associated service models. Through this, you’ll be capable of analysing the underlying technologies and characteristic features of the cloud computing systems available today.

This specialisation provides you with a systematic overview of the basic functions of suppliers operating in financial markets and the financial services they offer. In addition to financing and investment with banks and insurance companies, you’ll also examine the various forms of securities transactions, including insurance contracts for risk transfer.

Here, you’ll learn important concepts for IT security. Fundamental terms and topics will be introduced and discussed, typical fields of application and application areas of IT security explored, and typical procedures and techniques described. Furthermore, in this module, basic and specific in-depth knowledge in cryptographic processes and the practical use of cryptographic systems is conveyed. Courses in this specialisation:

  • Introduction to Data Protection and IT Security
  • Cryptographic processes

The aim of this specialisation is to present you the most common activities for ITIL Governance and ITIL operational processes and to find concrete solutions. You’ll learn the structures and main elements of an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) as well as activities in the service lifecycle and in implementation of IT outsourcing. Courses in this specialisation:

  • IT Service Management
  • Project IT Service Management

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