High Impact Communication Skills

The program is designed to cover topics that are contemporary, and provides new insights on best practice in both interpersonal and group communication. The focus will be on communication tools and strategies that can make a tangible impact in real organizational settings, rather than theoretical lectures that do not produce measurable results. The program is conducted by a senior management executive and entrepreneur with extensive local and international experience..


The Communications Process
Communications – A Platform for Differentiation
The Johari Window – Insights on Communications Enablers and Disablers
Feedback, Disclosure and Critique – What all Managers Need to Know
Asking the Right Questions, then Really Listening – Key Strategies
Appreciative Inquiry – Changing the Vocabulary
Winning before Starting – the Nonverbal Toolkit
The Process of Persuasion – Techniques and Filters
55 seconds to Successful Presentations – the Elevator Pitch
The Power of Writing – What most Executives Don’t Know and Should
Creating Impact that Lingers
Crafting a Personal Framework – The 2 Things that Matter