Financial Management for NGOs

Many organizations face serious problems that block their development process due to ineffective financial management at organizational and project levels. Such organizations fail to operate in harmony with their stakeholders due to lack of transparency in financial operations, ineffective operational planning and an ineffective interface between the operations and finance of the projects / organizations

This workshop has been specially designed to help such organizations and development sector professionals in overcoming their operational, planning and financial accounting needs. Although the first step towards growth is the willingness and commitment of the participants to bring change in their practice towards more professional planning, it is also necessary to have some tools for facilitating this process. This workshop will provide participants with a framework for making these changes possible.


-Management as the foundation of finance
-Essentials of financial management
-Financial Management in NGOs
-Project development framework
-Operating planning and budgeting
-Financial accounting framework for NGOs
-Financial reporting
-Financial accounting model