Budgeting for Managers

This two day program is designed to provide non-financial executives and managers with an understanding of the importance of budgeting, the process of budgeting, and how to utilize budgets as a control mechanism. You will gain the tools needed to prepare, implement, and manage a budgeting process within your unit

All executives and managers in business, government and not-for-profit organizations need to have a clear understanding of this budgeting process. Using a case study approach, the course will highlight the objectives of budgeting and why budgets are fundamental to an organization’s ability to plan, monitor and execute it’s short-term and long-term commitments. Participants will use the case study to plan the budget schedule, work out budgeted P & L, Cash flow and Balance Sheet and learn key business ratios that can serve as a powerful toolkit to monitor / evaluate trends and performance


The Purpose of Budgeting
Planning for Control
Budget Components
The Process of Budgeting
Budget Implementation – Putting it in Place
Why Budgets Fail