Recruiting Skills

Recruiting SkillsStaffing is one of the very important functions of human resource management. It is the effectiveness of recruitment that determines to a large extent the success of organizational objectives. Understanding the recruitment process well can lead to a competitive advantage for the organization and more productive staff. This 2-day interactive course by an experienced HR professional uses case studies and role plays. It follows on from the HR Management course by MDi for new HR staff and line managers and drills deeper into the recruitment process..


Basic Concepts and Challenges
Organizational Structure, Job Analysis and Design
Exploring the Recruitment Process and its Components
Recruitment Sources and Technologies
Job Boards vs. Advertising, Other Sources
Short-listing and Interview Preparation
Assessment Methods and Interview Techniques
Questioning and Probing, Listening Skills
Common Interviewing Pitfalls
Post-Selection Processes
Negotiation and Contracts
Induction and Orientation