University of London Global MBA – Fee Structure 2022

Application Fee 107 Non-refundable
Module Fee 655 Per module for 10 modules
Strategic Project Fee 1,270  
Sub-Total 7,927  

Module fee includes online study materials and access to the university’s Virtual Learning Environment Management System called VLE.

The University of London will consider offering a scholarship to organizations who nominate 3-4 staff for admission in the Global MBA.  


Exam Fee 30 Per module for 10 modules
Sub-Total 300  

The above is an estimate as British Council can vary the exam fee from year to year. In case of an online exam (due to the pandemic or other reason), there will be no exam fee. 


Registration Fee 20,000 One-time
Module Fee 45,000 Per module for 10 modules
Strategic Project Fee 90,000  
Sub-Total 560,000  

MDi is offering merit and need-based scholarships for women professionals and applicants with a strong academic track record

Exemption Fee 58 Per module
Continuation (repeat) Fee 515 Per module

For pre-recognized qualifications like ACCA, CIMA, ICAP, etc. the university awards exemptions automatically and there is no exemption fee.