University of London

Global MBA

The Global MBA from University of London offers a transformational learning experience beyond the boundaries of the lecture theater that will develop your skills and knowledge into world-class business acumen.

Experienced working professionals with postgraduate qualifications such as a recognized local MBA/MS are eligible for exemptions. The program also offers great flexibility for working professionals with instructor-led weekend classes as well as a high-quality online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Now accepting applications for the term starting in January 2023

Join the Next Generation of Global Business Leaders

Study at MDi Business School at your own pace while maintaining your career and building on it. You also have the opportunity to build your global network and collaborate with peers from around the world, learning from a wealth of inspiring backgrounds and experience. London is a global centre of finance, marketing and economics so the Global MBA benefits from the vast history and presence of international business that London has provided its institutions for centuries.

Tuition and Other Fee

A world-class and high-ranking degree offered at a fraction of the cost of studying the same kind of program abroad. Please contact MDi at for details about fee, scholarships and phased payment plans