Jelilat Mustapha

Jelilat Mustapha is working as an analyst at Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria.
This is what she had to say about her experience with USQ BBA Program.

The only way I can describe my relationship with MDi is fate. A few days after an interview at a local university, I accidentally came across a newspaper advert of an institution offering international degrees in Pakistan. Without anything to lose, I went to discuss the possibility of joining the institution. Living in a new country made me a little apprehensive but I realized that the challenges I faced were not what I expected them to be. The positive spirit of the institution is almost tangible which makes it impossible to fail. Many of my peers were exceptionally brilliant and in effect, I was pushed to work hard. I enjoyed the privileges of learning from both the internal and USQ faculty. The crowning of this experience came in 2010 when I travelled to USQ, Australia to complete my degree. There are no words to describe this period of my life. It was truly fantastic.

I am back in my home country, Nigeria, working at the Federal Ministry of Finance as an Analyst. The scope of my work covers the analysis and interpretation of data used in implementing economic policies and the management of government projects. MDi and USQ paved the path I am walking on today. I couldn’t be more grateful.