Irtiza Qureshi

Irtiza Qureshi graduated with the USQ Bachelor of Business Administration award in November 2016.
This is how he shares his study experience:

Now that I think of it, choosing MDi for bachelors was probably the best decision. MDi is not like an ordinary university, instead it provides a very different sort of environment once you get in. My experience at MDi has been very interesting and the knowledge I gained was both theoretical and practical. MDi provided focused education which was solely related to my interests and the degree that I opted for.

Unlike other universities, MDi does not over burden its students at any cost and gives them ample time to study efficiently and carry out activities and work of their own. I enjoyed a very open-minded and rich interaction with my batch mates, faculty and the team at MDi and they all have proved to be helpful and friendly. After all the training and knowledge I have received at MDi, I believe my skills and knowledge can readily be used in the related fields. I’m hopeful that all the hard work that I have pulled off with the help of the team at MDi will help me in achieving my goals.