Ihtesham Hassan


Ihtesham graduated with the USQ Bachelor of Business Administration award in November 2017.
This is what he had to say about the program:

Management Development Institute has changed my life completely, for the better. Around 3 years ago when I arrived at MDi, it felt like I had entered a new world. I have learnt so many things from my teachers, program coordinators and my seniors. The concept of University of Southern Queensland’s International Bachelors of Business Administration from Pakistan was alien to me. Seeing such high achievers as my seniors gave me motivation to chase my dreams just like they were and still are trying to. I would like to appreciate the undying encouragement and efforts of mentors like Ma’am Zoone, Ma’am Amna, Ma’am Shabana and Sir Salman specifically and of course the unparalleled support of Sir Asad Zaidi, who helped me by motivating me and teaching me that chasing one’s dreams is not a choice but an obligation. I feel immensely proud to be a part of such a passionate, ambitious, talented and energetic association of teacher, faculty and students. I am honored to have been a part of this education system and wish everyone all the best for their future endeavors.