Hadia Farhat Husain

Hadia Farhat Husain is a Business Executive at Ufone in Corporate Communications department.
This is what she had to say about the program.

Studying at MDi has been a unique experience for me, like I assume it is for all other students. It was a bitter sweet, unforgettable journey. MDi has always been supportive and accommodating to students, but as students we fail to see that. We were given the opportunity to learn regarding the actual work environment and what would be expected of us as young professionals. I only realized this once I started working at Ufone. Studying at MDi made me feel that rules about punctuality, deadlines and attendance were those virtues which were inculcated to us as students and are now expected from us on a daily basis at work. I feel better equipped to face the real world challenges, thanks to my professional grooming at MDi.

 Overall, I had three valuable years at MDi. I made some amazing friends who I will cherish for a long time and I learned plenty from the institution which at the time seemed pointless and a waste of time but in reality was only for my own benefit. 

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