Gibran Ahmad

Gibran Ahmad graduated with the USQ Bachelor of Business Administration award in April 2016.
This is what he had to say about the program:

My experience at MDi was nothing short of exciting and challenging whilst at the same time being fulfilling and rewarding. The staff and students were all very much my kind of people and I forged some friendships that I think will last a lifetime.

The learning environment at MDi is highly conducive to learning. The classes are customised and the focus is on individual as well as collective learning. This all makes for an overall experience of close relationships with both your fellow students and the staff. In tough times, I found this closeness helped me to keep at it because I had people who I could lean on and in turn they leant on me. This I found to be no doubt the best thing about MDi.

Along with this is the calibre of tutors that come to teach at MDi. Nothing short of the best anywhere in the country and I greatly enjoyed learning from the diversity of tutors and the different teaching styles they brought to the table.

I started my career in academics a little later than most at the age of thirty but in three short years, I am now ready to take on the corporate world with a bachelors degree and I couldn’t have found a better place to do it than at MDi.