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Eligibility and Admission

What is the minimum entry requirement for the Bachelor of Business Program?

3 A Levels or 60% marks in Matric or equivalent.

How do I apply to study Bachelors?

You will need to submit your application to MDi Pakistan if you are applying for an undergraduate program with USQ. The application includes minimum 12 years certificates, school/college reference letter(s), 2 photographs and identity card copy.  You will need to sit for an aptitude test followed by an interview to be evaluated for admission.

Students are expected to have at least 12-years of education and pass the standard MDi admission test and interview to secure a place on the program. An offer may be extended if the following conditions are met:

GCE A-Levels
A typical offer is extended at 3 A-Level passes. The minimum grade requirement is a “D” grade. Please note that AS Level grades are not considered for admission at MDi. Only A2 grades count. We accept A-Level subjects in any discipline including Science, Business, Humanities etc.

F.Sc./F.A./I.Com etc
A typical offer is extended at 60% marks and above.

Foreign Qualification (US High School, International Baccalaureate etc)
Foreign high school qualification holders will need to provide evidence of their education and, if required, apply for an IBCC equivalence for consideration.

Higher National Certificate or Diploma (HNC, HND) or Other Internationally Recognized Diploma
HNC, HND graduates are eligible to apply for admission with exemptions for courses previously studied. Exemptions will depend on overall GPA and credibility of academic institution where such study was conducted.

While previous academic performance will feature strongly in our evaluation of applicants, personal attributes, commitment level, previous voluntary work and/or internships are also considered.

Where a student is considered to be one that can benefit from our program, but may need additional guidance prior to joining the mainstream international Bachelor of Business and Commerce (BBCM), MDi may recommend one of our Preparatory programs such as The Diploma of University Studies program before entry into the main Bachelor of Business and Commerce program.

Attestation and Equivalence

Is Bachelor of Business an Honours program? Bachelor of Business is not an Honours degree however, it is recognized equivalent to 16 years of education in Pakistan same as other local 4-year Bachelor programs.

In order to get admission, the students with A and O-Level academic backgrounds are required to get an equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). This equivalence is necessary to determine their exact marks.

The major principle for equivalence of qualification is to identify the relevant stage in Pak. System by considering the number of schooling years and subjects of a foreign system, if the system does not match with the Pakistani model.

The application form, fee details and processing time can be found in the information you can download here.

A) GCE ‘O’ Level, GCSE, IGCSE and Equivalent:

GCE ‘O’ Level is considered equivalent to Secondary School Certificate (SSC) subject to meeting the requirement of Scheme of Studies as under:

i) Pakistan Based Examinations: Eight subjects including Compulsory English, Mathematics, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies and three electives.

ii) Overseas Based Examinations: Five subjects including English, Mathematics and three electives.

To qualify for Science Group it is necessary to pass Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology/Computer Science. Rest will be placed in General/Arts/Humanities Group.

B) GCE ‘A’ Level and Equivalent:

GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level are considered equivalent to Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC/Intermediate) subject to meeting the specified requirement for various stream/groups as under:

i) Pre-Medical Group: Eight/five ‘O’ level subjects (including English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and three ‘A’ levels (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) with minimum E Grade.

ii) Pre-Engineering Group: Eight/five ‘O’ level subjects (including English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Biology/Computer Studies) and three ‘A’ level subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) with minimum E Grade.

iii) General Science Group: Eight/five ‘O’ level subjects with three ‘A’ level subjects

iv) Humanities Group: Eight/five ‘O’ level subjects including English and Mathematics with three ‘A’ level subjects.

All Pakistani nationals appearing for examinations from Pakistan shall have to pass Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies and Mathematics along with other required subjects to qualify for equivalence.

If a Pakistani/dual national candidate studies and appears for examination from abroad, Urdu, Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies will not be considered compulsory requirements.

C) American System

i) Equivalence with SSC: Grade 9 and 10 from Accredited institutions with required number of credits.

ii) Equivalence with HSSC: Grade 11 and 12 from Accredited institutions having Diploma with required number of credits.

Classes and Delivery Method

The USQ Bachelor of Business and Commerce (BBCM) program is a full-time study program with classes scheduled from 10:00am – 2:00pm, Mondays through Fridays. Students typically receive on average 2 to 3 hours of daily classroom instruction. In an average semester, the total class time per course is therefore between 24 – 30 contact hours depending on the course and the specific needs of the group.Each classroom is equipped with a multimedia projector, white-board, air-conditioning and has ample seating capacity. Average class sizes range from 15 – 20 students.

Apart from formal classroom instruction, students utilize any remaining hours to conduct research for their assignments or to consult with relevant course instructors. A semester schedule and timetable are prepared at the start of each term. These indicate class schedules and any important events that students are required to attend.

On occasion, classes are extended or arranged on other days particularly during assignment submission periods. It is also usual for students to arrange group study sessions at the institute during agreed times.

The MDi campus provides fibre-optic broadband wireless internet facilities free of charge to students for their research and assignment preparation.

MDi also offers the unique advantage of free coaching and tutorials by our faculty.

Study Materials and UConnect

Study materials used by the USQ BBA program at MDi Pakistan are the same as those used in the on-campus program. Each course, developed by faculty and course leaders at USQ Australia, has its own study materials. These include an Introductory Guide to the course and a detailed Study Guide with a week by week navigation through the detailed syllabus and course material. The study materials refer to the recommended textbook(s) for the course as part of an integrated package of study. Students are also supplied with supplementary materials and references on CDs when part of the course package.USQ Australia has a policy of using the very latest textbooks. Students can purchase these from the USQ Bookshop, from local bookshops or second-hand from other students. Original copies of all recommended texts are also available for reference in the MDi library.

UConnect, formerly known as USQConnect, is the university’s web based learning and online reference facility that is available free of charge to all students. It is an invaluable resource that provides access to a study desk, study materials, course discussion boards, and library facilities including reference databases, journals and e-books. It also allows students to have visibility about other students enrolled in the same course at other USQ partner locations around the world. UConnect provides an opportunity to interact with fellow students, local tutors as well as USQ faculty.

Assessment and Degree Award

The assessment and grading of courses is based on a composite grade of assignments and final exams. All assignments are submitted by students according to a submission schedule that is known at the beginning of the semester.Students then prepare their assignments and submit these to faculty for assessment.

All core courses carry at least 1 mandatory assignment requiring the submission of a formal project report. There can be generally either one or two assignments per course. At the beginning of each term, these assignments are given to students for every subject on offer in a particular semester. These assignments necessitate research, field visits and reading and are submitted according to a strict deadline.

The assignments generally constitute 40%-50% of the overall course grade depending on the subject.

Students are also required to complete various Quiz, Tests and Mock Exams each semester.

A minimum attendance of 85% is required for each course to qualify for final exams.

Examinations are conducted three times a year in February, June, and November. The final exam constitutes generally 50%-60% of the overall course grade depending on the course.

The venue for USQ external exams is at the British Council.

Degree Award

The USQ Bachelor of Business and Commerce degree awarded to the graduates of this program at MDi Pakistan is exactly the same as the on-campus degree. In fact, one of the conditions by HEC Pakistan in granting recognition to the program has been that the degree should be identical to the Australian on-campus version.

The degree is identical because the syllabus is identical, the study materials are the same, the assignments and exams and overall assessments are all as prescribed and agreed by USQ Australia.

In addition, graduates can receive the degree in Pakistan or visit any of the convocation centers on-campus in Australia, Singapore or Malaysia.

Local and International Recognition

Is Bachelors of Business recognized by HEC?Yes, all USQ programs are recognized locally as well as globally.

The USQ Bachelor of Business and Commerce (BBCM) program at Management Development Institute – MDi Pakistan – has been formally validated and recognized by HEC Pakistan. The approval process required extensive submissions, inspections by an HEC committee and conformance to HEC’s quality requirements. The USQ BBCM at MDi Pakistan is a serious program that does not promise any short-cuts and is externally examined with exams conducted by British Council.

The USQ BBCM (and the USQ MBA programs) at MDi Pakistan are now listed as approved programs on the HEC website here

The university also enjoys a solid reputation with local organizations and employers. A substantial number of our students have joined international and local organizations such as LMK Resources, Telenor, Mobilink, European Union, Bank of Scotland, Securities Exchange Commission and others.

MDi has enjoyed the distinction of having graduates with a 100% employment rate due to their ability to differentiate themselves from the typical BBCM graduates of local universities. Quite a few of our graduates have become entrepreneurs running their own companies and an example is Raheel Waqar who is the Founder and CEO of White Rice Communications, a successful multimedia development company.

It should also be noted that MDi Pakistan is the institute of choice for senior working professionals from some of Pakistan’s smartest organizations including Mobilink, Telenor, UFone, BHP Billiton, Nokia Siemens, Teradata, etc who are looking for a solid international MBA right here in Pakistan.

International Recognition

In terms of international recognition, USQ Australia is an approved member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. It is a federally funded and recognized university in Australia with a significant physical infrastructure across various campuses.

USQ Australia is the Winner of the Australian University of the Year 2000-2001 and Recipient of the World Best Award for Institutional Excellence from the UNESCO based International Council for Distance Education (ICDE). It is also the recipient of the 2004 Commonwealth of Learning Award of Excellence for Institutional Achievement at the third Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning in New Zealand.

Its qualifications are recognized globally by universities and many leading institutions and multinationals including organizations such as UNESCO and World Bank. USQ degrees are recognized throughout the European Union, including Germany and Austria, Switzerland, the US and more than 80 countries worldwide, including Commonwealth nations such as Canada and India.

Credit Transfers and Exemptions

The USQ Bachelor of Business and Commerce (BBCM) in Pakistan enjoys full credit transfers with the o­n-campus program at USQ Australia. You may complete a few courses at MDi Pakistan and the remaining at USQ Australia. For example, you may wish to do 12 courses here and 12 in Australia, or 8 here and 16 in Australia or all 24 here over 3 years. The choice is yours.Once you have gained admission into the USQ BBCM at MDi Pakistan, there is no need to re-apply for o­n-campus admission. All that is required is a transfer request and of course completion of visa formalities.

Please note that in case of transfers, the standard USQ Australia fee structure for international students will be applied.

The program has the great flexibility that you can in the case of say a transfer abroad continue the program without interruption at one of the international USQ locations or by switching seamlessly to a fully online or a fully distance education mode. USQ Australia maintains your student ID and enrollment as well as transcripts for immediate continuation from where you left off.

Exemptions for Previous Study

Exemptions can be applied for during the application. USQ grants exemptions if the candidate has successfully completed the requisite business courses previously at a credible and recognized institution and where the courses are similar in content and level.

For students of advanced standing, for example those who have completed two years of a business degree at a credible institution, it is possible to secure a maximum of 16 exemptions depending on courses studied and GPA achieved.


The USQ Bachelor of Business and Commerce program at MDi Pakistan offers unmatched flexibility. This flexibility is a function of way the program has been constructed using the following principles:a) Full classroom support with local faculty plus access to Australian course leaders and other students around the world via the UConnect study portal.
b) Program design to allow self study in a structured way over and above instructor-led classes
c) Comprehensive study materials per course and online access to course resources
d) The same syllabus, materials, assignments, exams, degree regardless of locationThis translates directly to giving students specific flexibility as follows:

I am unable to study this semester due to personal or family commitments. 

You can defer a course to another semester, take only 1 course in a particular semester, or drop the semester completely. You can extend the total time in order to complete the degree.

Medical leave or urgent personal work during exams/assignments.

You can apply for exam deferment based on formal medical request

I am traveling to another country during exams.

You can request for change of exam center to any location in the globe.

I want to transfer my credits to the on-campus program. 

Yes, this is a standard facility

I started a course but I can’t do this now because something urgent has come up.

You are allowed to drop a course after having started it by a certain drop date – which is about 2 weeks into the semester – without a financial or academic penalty.
Fees and Scholarships

A breakup of the program cost for the USQ Australia Bachelor of Business and Commerce (BBCM) Program at Management Development Institute – MDi Pakistan – is provided below:

Local Fee payable to MDi Pakistan

One-time Admission Fee Rs. 75,000
Security Deposit (refundable) Rs. 10,000
Tuition @ Rs. 60,000/semester in Year 1 then Rs. 80,000/semester in Years 2 and 3 Rs. 660,000
Total Local Fee (excluding refundable security deposit) Rs. 790,000

USQ Fee payable directly to USQ Australia

Year 1, 8 courses x A$ 522/course A$ 4,176
Year 2, 8 courses x A$ 522/course A$ 4,176
Year 3, 8 courses x A$ 522/course A$ 4,176
Total USQ Fee A$ 12,528

Total Investment over 3 years: Rs. 735,000 plus A$ 12,528 **

**Please note this amount can vary based on fee revisions and exchange rates.

Students are advised to cater for a nominal additional amount for local photocopies, stationery and textbooks.

Local fee payments to be made to MDi on a per semester basis and payable at the start of a given semester. There are, in total, 9 semesters to complete.

USQ Program fee payments are made directly to USQ Australia and are calculated on a per course basis at the rate of A$522.

Students are provided with a USQ Australia Study Guide and an introductory guide for each course. Original reference textbooks required are imported at MDi Pakistan cost and kept in the MDi library for access and loan by students. It is also possible to acquire textbooks at reasonable local prices from previous or fellow students.

All students get a UConnect login id/password at no extra cost for the tenure of their program at MDi.


This is the only in-country international Bachelor of Business and Commerce program that has been deliberately priced at a level that makes it affordable and within reach for many students in Pakistan. The relevant comparison is against the on-campus fees of a similar international degree abroad for 3-4 times the cost.

Nonetheless, for those applicants who have outstanding academic and professional qualifications but who may have financial constraints, the institute has a provision for scholarships and/or financial assistance.

Scholarship amounts range from Rs. 80,000 to a maximum of Rs. 240,000 spread over 3 years. Other forms of financial assistance include phased payment plans such as one-time admission fee being split across smaller payments.

Some of our students have also been offered corporate scholarships from organizations such as UFone amounting to approx. Rs.60,000 total per annum. Others have used internships as opportunities to gain valuable job experience as well as additional income to cover a part of the fee.

USQ Australia is the Winner of the Australian University of the Year 2000-2001 and Recipient of the World Best Award for Institutional Excellence from the UNESCO based International Council for Distance Education (ICDE). It is also the recipient of the 2004 Commonwealth of Learning Award of Excellence for Institutional Achievement at the third Pan-Commonwealth Forum in New Zealand.